Xbox One’s Upcoming Do Not Disturb Mode Lets You Ignore All the Distractions

Posted on January 8, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 5 Comments

Microsoft is testing a big new update for the Xbox One dashboard with Xbox Insiders today. Now in the Alpha ring, the new system update comes with improvements to the Guide, and a key new feature: Do Not Disturb.

Xbox One’s new Do Not Disturb mode is a lot like Windows 10’s Quiet Hours feature. When enabled, your Xbox will stop displaying notifications from apps and games. Plus, it will also prevent your friends from inviting you to another game or activity which is going to be really useful when you are trying to get through all the levels in a hot new game.

The Xbox One Guide is getting a new Next Achievements feature with the latest system update, too. This is basically a handy list of achievements that are you are close to finishing on games, and you can filter the list by closest, most common, rarest, most common rare, and highest gamerscore to get the best possible look at your progress on a game.

Other additions in the latest update include Mini Game Hubs in the Guide, as well as a better view for comments on community posts. The update is only available in the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program for now, but it will be coming to regular users outside of the Xbox Insider program in the coming months once it goes through all the required testing.

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