Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Experience is Now Available

Posted on December 22, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Games, PC gaming with 11 Comments

Microsoft announced today that the virtual reality (VR) experience for Flight Simulator is now available on a variety of VR headsets for PC.

“Microsoft Flight Simulator was built from the ground up to achieve three key goals: realism, accuracy, and authenticity of flight,” Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann writes. “Today, we’re excited to share that Virtual Reality for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on your favorite VR headset for PC, offering simmers the deepest and most immersive virtual flight experience in the new simulator to date.”

VR support is included in the latest update to Flight Simulator, and it works with most Windows Mixed Reality headsets (including the new HP Reverb G2), Oculus, Valve, and HTC headsets.

“The Flight Sim community has been a very active and insightful partner in shaping how the team approached VR, and [it] continues to be a critical partner in our continued development as we make further improvements and add new features to the simulation,” Neumann continues. “Adding VR to Microsoft Flight Simulator was a direct result of community feedback, and we look forward to continued involvement in the future of the franchise with us.”

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Experience is Now Available”

  1. stevem

    Now we are talking. I hope this is amazing!

  2. SvenJ

    Is 'simmers' a word? Those who sim?

  3. crunchyfrog

    Awesome. Now I can struggle to take off and shortly thereafter crash in full 360 realism.

  4. crunchyfrog

    Now, if only I could find a flight yoke.

    • illuminated

      In reply to crunchyfrog:

      Get a joystick. There is not that much difference between yoke and joystick. Both of them are a huge improvement compared to mouse/keyboard.

    • bleeman

      In reply to crunchyfrog:

      I'm waiting until the Honeycomb yokes are available again. In the meantime, I've been using the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and it has worked very well. MSFS 2020 "knows" this joystick too, so once I plugged it in, the basic button mapping was all done for me, leaving too only modify any choices if I wanted. It has doubled in price (due to the popularity of MSFS 2020) from when I bought it last March for $39, but is still not too outrageous at the $70-$80 mark.

  5. illuminated

    Now which VR headset to get so that view would not be something like looking through screen door.

    I played doom VR on PS and it looked like crap. Pixels were huuuuge with big gaps between them just like on the old low-res CRT display from 1980s.

  6. Lauren Glenn

    I miss the days of having 3D shutter glasses with nVidia on my PC and a high refresh monitor... and this was in the late 90s, I think. VR makes me want to do this more... but I imagine this just needs 2x the performance of what you considered normal before.

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