Xbox Series X Hardware Shows Up Early

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox Series X with 51 Comments

Two weeks ago, I wrote up the ports that were on the back of the Xbox Series X and today, you get to see them with your own eyes. Images of the hardware, that show the front and the back, have found their way to the Internet.

The images were posted by Curry Panda on Neogaf and the images are authentic of the hardware, meaning this is not a fancy 3D printed model. And as I reported, the back of the hardware contains an optical audio port, two USB A ports, ethernet, power and a single HDMI port.

The holes on the side of the ports are for venting and that large rectangle port in the middle is for diagnostic reporting. I don’t expect that port to be on the final hardware and as always, these ports could change.

The hole at the top of the series X does make it look like that back is removable but I would expect that to be since this is a pre-production unit and may need to be serviced to debug or update the hardware as they revise the final product.

What is odd is that the barcode and serial number are identifiable in this image. Microsoft tracks these prototypes and the person who was assigned this hardware is about to have a bad day. That being said, at least you can now understand the actual design of the back of Xbox Series X.

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