New Flight Simulator World Update Targets Europe

The fourth World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator delivers more detailed flights around Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.

“In the heart of Western Europe, embrace the spirit of a bygone era intermingled with modern influences and attractions as you explore a plethora of sights on display — from seaside communities to urban centers, idyllic vineyards to epic mountain ranges and world-famous resort towns – all featuring stunning upgrades and visual enhancements,” Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann writes. “World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg brings improved digital elevation data and aerial imagery, high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for two of Europe’s most iconic cities, Paris and Amsterdam, and three new meticulously hand-crafted airports (Megève, Nice[,] and Rotterdam), plus visual and logistical improvements to 100 additional airports throughout the area.”

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World Updates are available for free to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users, the software giant notes. Previous World Updates include the UK and Ireland, Japan, and the United States. And there are more to come, Microsoft says.

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Conversation 2 comments

  • remc86007

    13 April, 2021 - 1:51 pm

    <p>These are nice I guess, but the game needs serious work in so many core areas, I wish they would pause the terrain updates for a bit. I still have the game crash every other time I play, and the avionics are still missing many core features and essential nav data. I should be able to fly a basic rnav approach at my local airport in the 172… </p>

  • Jim Lewis

    14 April, 2021 - 3:19 am

    <p>OTH, flying in VR is an unworldly experience. I thought VR would seem gimmicky and I was surprised how real it seemed compared to flying in a flat world in 2D, even with Track IR head-tracking. My first VR experience and you really feel you're there. The only trouble is that to get the most out of VR, at least with an HP Reverb G2, you need a helluva computer and those reporting the best experience have an Nvidia RTX 3090 with 24 Gb VRAM. Ten or 12 Gb of VRAM according to reports in the MSFS community doesn't seem to work out quite as well (with VR you're essentially doubling the imaging demands – I can vouch that a 2070 Super with 8 Gb VRAM doesn't cut it). Just try to buy any RTX 3090-based GPU card at close to MSRP… They're all being scalped at ~double the price or going to bit-coin miners. The other thing is since an RTX 3090 takes up THREE PCIe slot spaces even though it only plugs into one and, IIRC, is about an inch bigger in every direction than say my RTX 2070 Super, one may need at least a new motherboard and a new case (if not a new computer) to indulge in an addictive VR flying habit at the very best resolution and responsiveness. So, yes, MSFS has a ways to go but it's a very impressive experience right now for those of us who are more lolly-gagging sightseers than dyed-in-the-wool flight simmers.</p><p><br></p><p>The other very interesting debate that's going on in the MSFS community is whether MS will bring Nvidia GPU features of ray-tracing and DLSS to MSFS. The argument goes that because MS depends on AMD for the latest Xbox that these Nvidia features, which might improve visual realism and visual performance considerably, will never see the light of day in MSFS 2020 and although 80% of PC gamers now use an Nvidia card and so the vast majority of PC MSFS users could benefit from the Nvidia features, the wisdom is that MS is not going to differentiate and favor PC gamers over Xbox gamers for MSFS. But then will VR for MSFS even be available on the Xbox Series X? So maybe if you want great VR, it's a PC for you and MS should recognize the advantages (price is not one of them!) that Nvidia cards could bring to VR on a PC for MSFS. Will be an interesting slugfest as the future develops. But the scalping &amp; chip shortage problems need to be addressed.</p>

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