Stadia is Dead and Xbox Needs its Best Feature (Premium)


Two months after declaring that it was not killing Stadia, Google, predictably, killed Stadia. Granted, the writing had been on the wall for a while: in February 2021, Google revealed that was halting all work on internal exclusives for Stadia and would focus the gaming service solely on third-party games. That led to plenty of handwringing, and not just because of Google’s well-earned reputation for killing products and services: key talent left the service, too, of course.

For those on the outside, Stadia’s fate may have seemed preordained and even deserved. But those who actually used the service discovered an inconvenient truth: with the right configuration---a Stadia controller connected wirelessly to a Chromecast Ultra, or, even better, via a USB-C cable wired to your device---the lag/latency issues that dog most game streaming services were greatly reduced or even non-existent.

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