Microsoft Enables Xbox Family Settings for Cross-Play

Posted on December 6, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft announced today that it is enhancing the parental controls on Xbox One to include cross-play scenarios. And Fortnite is the first game to support this new functionality.

“Our new cross-play settings provide parents and caregivers with more choice in managing cross-network scenarios for their children who play on Xbox,” Microsoft’s Dan McCulloch says. “This includes two new settings parents can turn on or off, which empowers them to allow or block both cross-network play and cross-network communication, on their child’s account.”

Fortnite now supports this functionality and Microsoft says that “other cross-network enabled games will be updated in the future to include these settings and offer more choice for parents.”

Microsoft’s parental controls, called Family Settings, don’t get a lot of attention. But the software giant lets parents manage how their children use the Xbox using 15 customizable tools across four key categories, screen time management, purchase limits, content filters, and privacy.

There are also activity reports and a unique Ask a Parent feature that lets kids become part of the decision-making process.

You can learn more about the Xbox Family Settings on the Xbox website.


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Enables Xbox Family Settings for Cross-Play”

  1. Costanza

    Family controls are great but what we really need is family sharing for purchases. The game sharing breaks down pretty quickly when you have multiple xbox's and multiple kids. I really dont want to be buying games 2 or 3 times.

    • Breaker119

      In reply to Costanza:

      I just introduced a second XBOX into my household and I have no idea how I'm going to manage this. To top it off I am trying Game Pass, and there is no way I'm buying that twice for one household.

      • nerdile

        In reply to Breaker119:

        Xbox already has sharing for games. For discs, just share the disc. For digital downloads, when you install a game you own on your Home Console, then anyone else can also play that game on that console. You can manage your Home Console on There may be some limits as to how many people can play the same game concurrently, and how often you can change your Home Console.

        Windows also has sharing for Store apps. Once one user has installed an app on a PC, other users can install and run the same app on the same PC.

  2. rrraa

    This is the great post to all users just need to getting the windows remote desktop all setting here for batter working.

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