Google to Introduce Updated News Interface for Search

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 5 Comments

Google is making another big change to the Search interface on desktop this year. The company introduced Material Design icons for parts of the search UI in June, and it’s now starting to roll out a new look for News on Search.

The company announced on Twitter that it’s rolling out a refreshed design over the next couple weeks. The new design makes publisher names more prominent and introduces a much better interface that’s organized better.

You can see the new interface below, and it does seem like a really good upgrade in terms of the design. There’s a grid of items with the top news, followed by individual cards for stories from publishers. Right now, the results are separated into different sections and it’s frankly quite cluttered, but the new interface addresses that issues by introducing independent cards that allow News to emphasize the publisher name.

It’s not clear if the new interface for News will affect traffic for news publishers, but considering that each story now takes up more space, less popular publishers could start seeing their stories appear slightly lower on the results. From a user’s perspective, though, I’d say the upgrade is really good as it takes out a lot of the clutter and organizes things much better.

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