Google Revamps its Password Manager on Android and Chrome

Posted on July 1, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Google Chrome, Google, Mobile, Android with 1 Comment

Google is consolidating the user interface of its Password Manager across Chrome and Android. The Google Password Manager is built into Android as well as Chrome and mobile and desktop, though the company acknowledged that the lack of UI consistency could make managing passwords between Chrome and Android confusing.

“With this release, we’re rolling out a simplified and unified management experience that’s the same in Chrome and Android settings. If you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, we’ll automatically group them,” explained Ali Sarraf, Product Manager for Google Password Manager.

On Android, users will be able to add a shortcut to Google Password Manager on their Android home screen to access the service more easily. Password Checkup on Android is also getting support for flagging compromised, weak, and reused passwords, and Google is also bringing Touch-to-Login to Chrome to let users log in to sites more easily.

GIF showing new touch-to-login feature

In addition to these Android-specific improvements, Google announced that the built-in Password Manager in Google Chrome will start displaying compromised password warnings on all platforms. Moreover, Google is making it possible to manually add passwords on all platforms, which has been a top-requested feature.

Lastly, iOS users can now set Chrome as their autofill provider, and the app can also be used to generate strong passwords when needed. All these new features will roll out to Google Password Manager over the next months.

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One response to “Google Revamps its Password Manager on Android and Chrome”

  1. Davor Radman

    App and website credentials are still messed up.

    How can it not be smart enough to know that and XY are the same service..