Passwordless Password Manager Problems (Premium)

The problem with security products and technologies is that they're often too difficult to use,…


LastPass Makes a Major Change to How Master Passwords Work

LastPass alerted users of its password manager that they will now be required to use…

Passkeys website

Online Identities, Passwords, and Passkeys, Oh My (Premium)

I've been using a Google Workspace [email protected] my primary online identity since before we launched…

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager Improved with Five New Features

Google Password Manager now supports additional authentication methods, password notes, easier importing from other password…


What I Use: Bitwarden (Premium)

I wasn’t a LastPass user, but the recent security issues with the service were the…

Google Revamps its Password Manager on Android and Chrome

Google is consolidating the user interface of its Password Manager across Chrome and Android and…


Passwordless (Premium)

Apple, Google, and Microsoft recently announced that they would all support a common passwordless sign-in…

Apple, Google, and Microsoft to Work Together on Passwordless Logins

Apple, Google, and Microsoft announced will be expanding support for the passwordless sign-in standard created…

1Password 8 Comes to Windows

The latest version of the well-regarded 1Password password management service is now available on 64-bit…

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