Microsoft’s USB-C Dongle Surfaces

Posted on March 27, 2018 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 17 Comments


We knew it was coming, eventually, and now we have the first look at Microsoft’s upcoming USB type C dongle for its Surface family of devices. While we don’t know the release date quite yet, whispers around campus say that it should arrive sooner rather than later.

Spotted by Walking Cat, the image speaks for itself but one thing we don’t know is if it supports Thunderbolt? Considering the Surface Book 2 does not with its type C port, I’d bet that this is just a connector and that’s it.

Which begs the question…why is it so big? The connector to the Surface Connect port looks to be about the same size as the one used for its dock which means this single USB-C port block is quite large.

For those that need the functionality, this will be a welcomed addition but it still goes back to the fact that this port should have been included in the hardware as this is the future of the USB standard.

The other question that should naturally be asked is when will we see a revision to the Surface Pro? While I haven’t heard anything recently, seeing as the LTE version was just released, I can’t imagine a major overhaul anytime soon. We may see a revision of the CPU but I don’t think we will see any major form-factor changes as the Pro line has matured nicely into a mobile computing platform.

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