Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy S10 Case Has a Weird Effect on the Back

Posted on February 18, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 6 Comments

Samsung is about 2 days away from officially launching the new Galaxy S10. And although we have already had more than enough leaks, the leaks aren’t stopping just yet. Ronald Quandt today leaked a new case for the Galaxy S10e, made by Samsung itself.

The leak shows off the Galaxy S10e in the new LED cover case with an “Emotional LED Lighting Effect” and if that sounds really weird and unnecessary, you won’t be wrong. Samsung usually makes flip covers for its phones that keep you updated, but this time around, it’s making normal covers but with a twist.

There are little LED lights on the back that will notify you whenever you get notifications, etc. For example, when you receive a call, there will be a phone icon made up of the LEDs. And as “cool” as it looks, this case might use a lot of battery. But even if you don’t consider the battery part, this is really gimmicky.

For one, why would anyone even want their entire phone to light up whenever they receive¬†a notification? You would always have to have your phone laying face down for that, too. And let’s not forget that this case directly contradicts everything Google is trying to do with Digital Health and allowing you to focus on real-life instead of always being distracted by your phone. I mean, Google literally has an ad campaign for the feature:

Guess Samsung didn’t get the memo. Sure, the feature is only found on the Google Pixel 3 phones, but it’s still really weird to see both the companies doing something entirely opposite. This new case will still woo all the Galaxy fans that like to change their system font to Comic Sans, though. So Samsung is doing pretty well at targeting its market here.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy S10 Case Has a Weird Effect on the Back”

  1. jdmacor

    They already had cases that did this, but on the front. Seems like a nice evolution to me. And they hardly use any more battery in my real world experience. The other thing i would point out, is that your phone itself already lights up when you receive a notification; the screen turns on, the led's blink, it makes a sound, and probably vibrates too. The LED case I have is much more subtle when i get a call or notification.

  2. IanYates82

    Pretty sure my Samsung Galaxy S8 has some sort of "flip to shh". The edge lighting feature is sort of an early version of this where you can allow certain apps to make the entire border of the screen, including the wrapped edge, glow a bit when you get a notification. Works well. This is the next logical conclusion. I'd be surprised if they didn't have the same 'app filter' capability at least.

  3. andrey.opohmelkin

    I still prefer to use mute lever on my iPhone. Flip function only works when phone lays on flat surface. How am I supposed to put it like that say in cinema?

  4. JCerna

    Well I wont really care about his for me but I can see this being something great for the hearing impaired. Currently most phones will turn the flashlight on and off and I can see that being more annoying than the case just glowing a bit. Also now a days the vibrations are louder than rings sometimes.