Samsung Unveils Its $1980 Foldable Phone, the Galaxy Fold

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 36 Comments

Samsung has just made things official with the company’s new foldable phone. The phone maker gave us a taste of what’s to come back in November of last year, and it’s finally revealing its new foldable phone in all its glory.

The device, simply called the Galaxy Fold, is Samsung’s first foldable phone. The device features a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen when opened, and a 4.6-inch screen when it’s folded. Details about the new device have so far remained quite a mystery, which is quite the opposite of what happened with the Galaxy S10 line. It’s powered by a 7nm processor, 12 GB of RAM, and a whopping 512GB of storage with Universal Flash Storage 3.0 for faster write speeds. The device has two different batteries on each side of the device. There’s a fingerprint scanner on the side of the device.

Although the design of the device does look pretty slick, it is actually kind of thick. And when you are using it as a phone, the screen itself is pretty small, surrounded by what seems like large bezels. It does look incredible when the device is opened up.

There are a total of six different cameras so you can take pictures regardless of whatever mode you are using the device in. Yes.

Samsung says the device will allow users to run three apps at a time in the tablet mode, allowing you to simultaneously use all the three different apps. Samsung is calling the experience App Continuity, and it’s pretty clever — when you see a post on Facebook, for example, you can open up the device to view the full details about the post. Samsung says the experience is configured to work with apps like WhatsApp, as well as Microsoft’s Office suite of apps.

The device comes in four different colours — Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Martian Green, and Astro Blue, with customers being able to customize the colour of the hinge, too. The device has sound by AKG, perfect for watching Netflix and YouTube.

It starts at a whopping $1980, available from April 26. There will be a 5G and an LTE variant of the device. It is not cheap by any means.

Here are some pictures:

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Comments (38)

38 responses to “Samsung Unveils Its $1980 Foldable Phone, the Galaxy Fold”

  1. jules_wombat

    Awesome, this kicks Andromeda into the long Grass

  2. MikeGalos

    Nice to see some innovation. That's been mind numbingly rare in this industry these days, especially by the major brands.

  3. Marius Muntean

    :)) What can I say...Good Luck Sammy, selling a brick that fails as a phone and as a tablet.

  4. robinwilson16

    Looks really good when opened out but disappointing when folded due to the huge borders and is rather narrow.

    Shame there are not more photos of the folded look.

  5. blackcomb

    I think the phone closed is pretty cool. Looks like an old school phone. Thick and tall. At least we can't complain about battery life.

  6. christian.hvid

    The fundamental problem with this form factor is that it folds in two instead of three. With the widely accepted aspect ratio of about 1:2 for mobile phones, a device that folds in two will have an aspect ratio of 1:1 in tablet mode, which is pretty much unusable.

    If you could instead unfold or extend a screen on either side of the main display, and have the screens interconnect seamlessly, a 6" phone would turn into a 9.7" tablet with an aspect ratio of 3:2 - in other words, an iPad with a Surface aspect ratio. Couldn't be more perfect.

  7. dontbe evil

    I'm not going to buy it, but people complaining about the price, please tell me about the most expensive iphone price

  8. locust infested orchard inc

    Eagle-eared (or should that be bat-eared ?) robincapper noted in the comments below that the song in the Galaxy Flop trailer was identical to that used by Microsoft for its launch of the original Surface Studio back in Oct 2016.

    The music was 'Pure Imagination', sung by Stephanie Tarling, an adaptation of the original song from the 1971 musical, Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory, originally sung by Gene Wilder (RIP).

    Henceforth the South Korean mega-conglomerate shall forever be chastised by being referred to as 'SameSong'.

    All credit to robincapper for identifying SameSong's lack of originality and creativity.

    For those who want to relive the awesomeness of the Surface Studio 1, and to compare it to SameSong's 2019 ripoff version, here's the trailer along with the musical accompaniment by Stephanie Tarling:

  9. bsd107

    How many years until Steve Jobs invents the folding phone?

  10. locust infested orchard inc

    Here's a thought. If an OS of considerable distinction and repute that exudes productivity, stability, and moreover security/privacy for their users, along with a scalable UI for the smaller atypical display, half-day battery life, which executes all one's commonly used software applications, and has cellular capabilities, with dimensions not too dissimilar (but perhaps a tad larger, yet still pocketable) to the Samsung Galaxy Flop (please excuse my dyslexia :-D), this legendary device would be the "dog's bollocks‡", putting all similar foldables to shame.

    As I dream the unthinkable, my mind drifts beyond our solar system, into far flung remote parts of our Universe, and oddly pausing in the spiral galaxy known as Messier 31 / M31 / NGC 224, but better known as the Andromeda galaxy – is this an omen of particular significance ? Only in the fullness of time shall I know.

    ‡For all you Americans out there, you would be well advised to refer to an urban dictionary or dictionary of slang, as this term is most likely the converse of that which you think it means.

  11. red.radar

    I can wait for bend gate videos on YouTube

  12. robincapper

    I'd like a Note one (pen support), that would be perfect

  13. Brazbit

    It's about time that someone had the guts to combine a $500 phone and a $100 tablet into a less convient $2,000.00 device!

  14. robincapper

    Remember the same song on the Microsoft Surface Studio announcement?

  15. j_c

    This is going to be the standard reaction:

    • Foldable phone? They have those now?
    • Wow three apps running at once, that would be neat.
    • Whats with that notch thing? I mean, I guess I could live with that.
    • Wait that is what it looks like closed? Wow that is ugly. Like really ugly. Why is the screen so small?
    • But the unfolded, that does look cool.
    • It costs what?...
    • I kind of like my phone now. It does what I need.
  16. Steven Ball

    I find the size concerning. My Galaxy S7 fits well in my pocket now, but much bigger and I won't be able to do so anymore. Also it seems weird that a 7.3" screen would have such little usable screen space in the second image.

  17. mattemt294

    Any word on carriers? That steep of a price calls for payment plan

  18. anthonye1778

    Looks awesome! It seems impractical for any usage scenario, but it's an interesting start to what could be an interesting tech category. Don't even get me started on that stratospheric price...

  19. jaredthegeek

    This is the start of a move to this form factor across the board. It's what the courier dreamed of being. I would prefer it use the S Pen as well but I am sure they are a year or two from having a digitizer that works with the folding screen as well.

  20. skborders

    I wonder how long it will last before the screen tears in half. Cool though.

  21. prjman

    This is priced like the first gen Hololens. It exists if you want it, but you better really want it. Aspirational, not realistic.

  22. Alexander Rothacker

    Great early adopter tech, but I'll wait for the 2nd or 3rd gen with a more reasonable price point.

  23. William Clark

    $2K? DOA. It's interesting but at that price I can buy a tablet, phone and laptop.

  24. jeetisking

    Wow, it's looking so beautiful when it's opening out.

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