Our First Look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware, Mobile with 12 Comments

Samsung is less than a month away from officially launching the latest addition to the Galaxy Note 10 line, and we are getting our first look at the device today. Although there haven’t been a ton of leaks of the device so far, that’s starting to change.

Reliable leaker Ishan Agardwal has revealed what seem to be the official renders for the Galaxy Note 10, and the Note 10+. The same renders were also leaked by another credible source WinFuture. First up, let’s get the renders out the way. What you see above is the 6.28-inch Galaxy Note 10 in a new silver finish. And here’s the classic black version:

And here’s the bigger  6.75-inch Galaxy Note 10+ in the silver finish:

And the black finish:

From the renders, there are some interesting points to pick-up. Samsung is going for a vertical three-camera setup for the back of the device, which is a pretty elegant design. Plus, the company is also expected to introduce a three-stage variable aperture system on the device, so that’d work out pretty well.

Another notable point is the lack of a dedicated Bixby button or a  fingerprint scanner, suggesting that the fingerprint scanner is under the display. But here’s the weird part, the button under the volume rockers is usually the Bixby button, so Samsung may have moved the power button to the left, or simply gotten rid of the power button which would be…uh, nonsensical.

I’m sure we will get an even closer look at the device before the official launch and many more leaks, so keep an eye out if you are looking forward to Samsung’s next Galaxy Note device at all.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Our First Look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+”

  1. remc86007

    I much prefer the pop-up front facing camera of the OnePlus 7. I probably use my front-facing camera three or four times a year, so seeing it as a dot on the screen constantly does not appeal to me.

  2. ndelena

    Can they please just make the Note with a flat display again? I don't write on paper with sloping sides, I don't want to write on a screen with the same.

  3. red.radar

    What a job title, “Reliable Leaker”...

    I wonder if his bathroom schedule is as predictable as old faithful

  4. wolters

    I always loved the Note Phones and despite the hype over the cameras, they generally disappoint. The front camera looks small so curious to see how good it will be.

  5. PeteB

    Drool. My next phone.

  6. Awhispersecho

    It's little things like possibly moving the power button to the left that really throw me off with all these phones. Or the fact that it might not have a power button at all but still have a Bixby button. Things like that. All these flagship phones get the big things right at this point. It comes down to little things now. Headphone jacks, power buttons, fingerprint scanners, that type of stuff. I just hate when they screw with things that don't need to be changed. Don't fix what ain't broke ya know.

    I originally figured I would upgrade to this, but when they announced no headphone jack and showed the hole in the screen I kind of backed off of that. I'm seriously considering the Xperia 1 now but despite some small hangups I have with the Note 10, it's still hard to not choose it.

  7. craisin

    I still love and use my HP Elite x3 (Windows 10) Still works superbly (Great camera)

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