Samsung Galaxy Fold Launching in Korea Tomorrow, US Launch Expected Soon

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 3 Comments

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is back. The device’s launch has been what can only be called an embarrassing mess for Samsung as a product maker. Here’s a quick recap:

Samsung announced its first foldable phone back in November 2018, and then formally unveiled it as the Galaxy Fold ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February. At the time, the consumer electronics giant said it would make the $2000 handset available to customers starting on April 26. But that never happened: After many of the first reviewers experienced massive hardware failures with the Galaxy Fold, including scratched and broken displays, Samsung finally bowed to the inevitable. On the eve of the expected launch, it finally delayed the release indefinitely. Two weeks later, it canceled all customer preorders too.

And as Samsung promised to launch the new Galaxy Fold is September, the company is finally delivering on its promises this week. The new Galaxy Fold will be available in South Korea tomorrow, followed by a more global launch in the coming weeks. With the improved Galaxy Fold, Samsung has extended the protective layer for the folding display, added new reinforcements and metal layers under the display to protect the folding display. That will, hopefully, solve the issue that’s led to all of this.

Samsung is even launching a new Galaxy Fold 5G variant that comes with 5G connectivity integrated out of the box. Samsung says the 5G option will be available in select countries, according to the company.

So what about other countries? Samsung isn’t saying exactly when the Galaxy Fold will launch outside of South Korea yet. Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will be available in France, Germany, Singapore, and more soon. As for the US, the company announced the device will arrive in the coming weeks. It’s also launching a new Galaxy Fold Premiere Service to give customers in the States access to 24/7 premium customer service for the Galaxy Fold.

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