Samsung Expected to Delay Galaxy Fold Release – Updated

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Brad Sams in Mobile with 26 Comments

Credit: Mark Gurman

To say that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been subpar, is likely an understatement. With the device breaking for many of those who received review units, the company is expected to delay the public release of the device by at least a month.

According to the WSJ, Samsung is postponing the launch of the Galaxy Fold to address issues with the reliability of the hardware. The devices are breaking frequently, sometimes because of the user removing what looked like a screen protector but it was actually part of the display, and other times because the hinge was failing.

The delay of the release is the correct move by Samsung who experienced an even bigger problem with the Note 7 where the batteries were exploding. It’s clear that the company doesn’t want to take any chances with the Fold and considering that the frequency of the failures of this device appears to be far outside the norm for a new device, they really don’t have a choice.

Worse for Samsung is that the brand image of the device is likely forever harmed. What was supposed to be a new flagship product for the company is now backfiring and the company is scrambling to figure out how to manage the situation.

If the device is only being delayed a month, Samsung must believe that they know of a fix and it is relatively simple. But if the company has to further delay its release, this could point to a bigger fundamental flaw in the design of the device.

[Update] Samsung is delaying the release of the Fold indefinitely and will announce a new release date in the coming weeks.

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Samsung Expected to Delay Galaxy Fold Release – Updated”

  1. VancouverNinja

    I will bet you that deep down in the bowels of the MS Andromeda group they are killing themselves over Samsung's rush to beat them to the market; not to meniton Huawei's irresponsible design.

    Samungs design should have been durable, compared to Huawei, but it shows this is not a design and productivity shift that can be rushed.

  2. Daekar

    Would rather see them do this than just push foward blindly. Everyone makes mistakes, so as Steve Gibson says, we should judge them on how they handle their mistakes.

  3. Jason Peter

    "Worse for Samsung is that the brand image of the device is likely forever harmed. What was supposed to be a new flagship product for the company is now backfiring and the company is scrambling to figure out how to manage the situation."

    On the bright side, the screen-protector industry will likely see a great boost in business.

  4. eeisner

    "Worse for Samsung is that the brand image of the device is likely forever harmed"

    Didn't we say the same after the exploding Note disaster? That line seems to have recovered pretty well. Unless you're only referring to the V1 device.

    • wright_is

      In reply to eeisner:

      The other thing is, it was announced at an industry event, got some minor news coverage (mainstream news). It got a wow factor for a couple of days, but ask anyone outside of the tech bubble and they will probably not even remember which manufacturers planned to launch foldable phones, let alone which specific phones.

      That said, Samsung lost me with the S3.

  5. dcdevito

    How did they NOT catch these issues before releasing review units to journalists??

  6. waethorn

    It won't matter.

    They should've just used their edge-to-edge screen technology to simulate a folding screen with two flat ones and an outside hinge. That would've at least made more sense.

    • JCerna

      In reply to Waethorn:

      Agreed this is what I want

      Obviously we are not near that tech but if we remove the need for the two screens to be one device I think it would be much more flexible. For example I can have main phone on a table and use the second screen as a controller or a keyboard.

      • skane2600

        In reply to JCerna:

        Although not nearly as futuristic, I like the idea implemented in the Hisense A6 Smartphone with a full color screen on one side and an e-ink screen on the other. You can use the e-ink side as a e-reader but can also display the standard Android screen and run applications. It would be great for reading or running apps in bright sunlight and would preserve the battery. It's an idea I came up with years ago (along with many other people I imagine).

  7. MikeGalos

    Good for them. They could have just released it and told their customers, "You're folding it wrong".

  8. skane2600

    The good news for Samsung is that this problem is unique to their foldable phone and has no broad significance with respect to the rest of their phones unlike the Note 7 problem that might have made people wonder if Samsung phone batteries were safe.

  9. beatnixxx

    it's an ongoing, probably unresolvable debate, but this to me highlights the low reward/high risk strategy of being first to market with most new technologies. I'm reasonably sure (having done zero research) that first to market usually results in short-term gain, but long term it's other companies who come along, perfect/improve the original concept, that have the actual success. Apple in general comes to mind.

    I will now await the litany of examples where I'm wrong, but I think at best it's a 50/50 gamble.

    Edit: by new technologies, I mean bleeding-edge type stuff, like a mass-produced foldable smartphone, etc.

  10. kevin_heskett

    The foldable screen is cool and all but I suspect this is also why Microsoft killed the courier and has continuously pushed back Andromeda the hardware isn't ready yet.

  11. jrickel96

    If they already know of a fix so quickly, why not delay the launch before all the negatives hit? Samsung had to be aware of these potential problems. There's nothing wrong in waiting to make sure the quality is there, especially on an expensive device.

    We can see why MS has not released a dual screen product yet. They've been working on the problem for a long time as well, but they don't have the need to make a splash. I'm guessing they'll get it right if and when they release.

  12. pratik123

    Thanks to Samsung for introducing the first foldable smartphone in the smartphone world.

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