Samsung Tells Galaxy Fold Owners to Be Extra Careful

Posted on September 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 16 Comments

It’s no secret Samsung has had quite a lot of trouble with its foldable Galaxy Foldable phone. The company’s folding phone only recently re-launched after Samsung was forced to pull the product due to issues with the folding display.

And with the re-launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has already taken a lot of precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong with the updated version. The company is communicating with users more about the fragility of the product, and it’s released a dedicated video for users, outlining how to take care of the Galaxy Fold.

“The Galaxy Fold is a device like no other – and deserves a special level of care,” Samsung said. The video doesn’t tell you exactly how to take care of the device, but it just outlines things like using a light touch on the display, making sure it’s free of water and dust, and to be wary of objects that could potentially affect the device’s durability, like your keys. It also highlights Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Premier Service for the “complete” experience. In other words, it’s nearly a 1 and a half minute long video with a lot of marketing jargon, and a bit of seemingly obvious tips to make sure your Galaxy Fold stays safe:

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