AMD Announces Ryzen 5000 Mobile Processors

Posted on January 12, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Chromebook, Windows 10 with 14 Comments

Thanks to its processor success in 2020, AMD is the belle of the virtual CES ball this year, and the firm’s keynote address didn’t disappoint. And key among its announcements this year was the long-awaited Ryzen 5000 processor family for mobile.

“In 2020, approximately 300 million notebooks, desktops, and Chromebooks were sold,” AMD CEO Lisa Su said during the presentation, citing IDC data. (I’ll be averaging that with Gartner’s data soon for a clearer look at last year.) “That’s the highest number since 2014, and we expect demand to be even higher in 2021 as the PC continues playing an even larger role in our daily lives. We believe the PC has never been more essential.”

Last year, AMD surged forward on the strength of its Ryzen 4000 mobile processors and Ryzen 5000 desktop processor families. And now, as expected, the firm is launching its Ryzen 5000 processor family for mobile, which is powered by the same Zen 3 core as the Ryzen 5000 desktop chips.

AMD says this new core provides the industry’s best performance and energy efficiency, and it also represents the greatest generation-to-generation improvements since the company launched the first Zen architecture, with a 19 percent performance boost per core. And for mobile, Ryzen 5000 is the only solution that offers an 8-core x86 option for Ultrabooks and other ultrathin PCs.

The first Ryzen 5000-based portable PCs will appear in February, AMD says.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “AMD Announces Ryzen 5000 Mobile Processors”

  1. bob25

    I'm still waiting to get one of those wonderful Ryzen 5000 CPUs that AMD "launched" over two months ago.

  2. bart

    Guess I'll trade in my Surface Laptop 3

  3. ghostrider

    The big difference between the awful availability of the Ryzen 5000 desktop CPU's and the mobile ones is that the new mobile chips will go straight to OEM's, so fixed pricing and no scalping or other dirty practises. Still damn hard to find the new desktop chips for sale, but it's getting better - slowly.

    • waethorn

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Still better than PS5 availability. In Canada, Best Buy only restocked ONCE since launch day. None of the others got any more stock since launch day.

    • bob25

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I haven't personally seen any improvement in Ryzen 5000 CPU availability. But I've about decided that maybe AMD is doing me a favor: by the time I could get one of their CPUs, I can probably buy a superior Intel CPU!

  4. frank_costanza

    Can we get an AMD NUC equivalent?

    • pixymisa

      Asus PN50.

    • Paul Thurrott

      There are such things, but nothing directly from AMD. Agree that would be interesting.
    • waethorn

      In reply to frank_costanza:

      There's the Asrock Mars and the Minis Forum unit. If you're looking for a prebuilt home mini PC, it's sad to say that most of this kind of stuff is just Chinese no-name crap from Amazon. You won't find current systems from major PC vendors unless you get into their business gear. HP has 4000-series mobile chips in their EliteDesk units. Great if you're doing stuff for business and need good support and warranty. Bad if you're trying to get something on a budget, although you get what you pay for. Asrock stuff is horrible for reliability, which is why ASUS spun off the company (Asrock was their 'B-stock' unit that kept losing money for the company). Anything you buy from Amazon essentially has no warranty unless Amazon offers an extension for it (try getting a warranty from a China HQ manufacturer - they'll just laugh at you when you try to get repairs).

      • Greg Green

        In reply to Waethorn:

        I’ve been using Asrock for years now in a couple of PCs. The only problem was a mobo that died after about 7 years, and that may have been due to a nearby lightning strike. So i really had no complaints even about that.

  5. sscywong

    Put it in a Surface Studio and I'm sold

  6. Shel Dyck

    I was hoping to hear about AMD's efforts re ARM and RISC-V.