Microsoft Store is Having Another Back-to-School Sale

Posted on July 6, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Windows 10 with 11 Comments

I feel like we just did this, but the Microsoft Store is now hosting a(nother) Back-to-School sale with deals on laptops, PCs, and more. It starts today, July 6.

“While summer break is in full swing, back-to-school shopping is underway with a quarter of shoppers already searching for items that will prepare them for the upcoming school year,” the Microsoft Store team announced. “Microsoft Store is helping students and families find simple tools to use at home, in the classroom, or on the go.”

Key deals include:

Save $100 on Surface Go 2. Microsoft’s smallest and lightest 2-in-1 tablet 2-in-1 is now $100 off.

Save up to $300 on Surface Pro X. Microsoft’s ultra-thin Windows on ARM tablet 2-in-1 is up to $300 off depending on the configuration.

Save $500 on select PCs, gaming PCs, and monitors. The Microsoft Store is offering a wide selection of PCs, gaming PCs, and displays for up to $500 off. The ASUS i3 VivoBook, for example, is $140 off right now.

You can find out more on the Microsoft Store website

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Store is Having Another Back-to-School Sale”

  1. cnc123

    Microsoft is selling a Vivobook Flip 14 with a Pentium N4200 CPU that's not on the Windows 11 compatibility list. Ridiculous and inexcusable.

  2. scottcc

    Why would anyone buy a PC right now, with so much uncertainty about Windows 11 and hardware compatibility? If it weren't for the TPM 2.0 thing, I wouldn't be so worried about compatibility...but I have a very strong feeling this WILL be Vista 2.0 all over again, where the ONLY people having good/great experiences will be those who get a brand-new PC w/, 11 on it by default. Anyone hoping or attempting to upgrade will have update/compatibility nightmares. And I liked Vista...but I also made sure I bought the right hardware for it. This time around though, I see no need whatsoever for TPM-anything if MS is literally giving OEMs a way out of including that hardware, to keep costs down. I'm not standing for this arbitrary TPM nonsense that obsoletes modern PCs 'just because'

    • christianwilson

      Among this crowd, sure, there might not be much interest in buying a new computer unless someone really needs one.

      The average person, though? They don't care. They buy a computer when they need it, and since many of those people buy sub-$500 computers, I really don't think they are going to be too fussy if Windows 11 can't run on it.

      • scottcc

        "The average person, though? They don't care."

        The average person doesn't replace a computer until it's super old and falling apart. So most people with perfectly fine Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs will stay on them 'til browsers stop being made for them, as was the case with XP. PCs are not like phones - normal people do NOT change them ever 12-24 months like they do with Android/Apple products. This was a ridiculously stupid move on MS's part.

      • scottcc

        " since many of those people buy sub-$500 computers, I really don't think they are going to be too fussy if Windows 11 can't run on it."

        Most computers sold to consumers are sub $500, so that's a real problem for MS if consumers flat out don't move to Windows 11 until 2024/2025. At that point, why even have Windows 11. By 2024/2025, they should be introducing Windows 12. MS better get this TPM junk figured out, or there will be painfully slow 11 adoption in the first 18-24 months of 11 being introduced in Jan '22.

    • ken10

      "ALL GEN 7 CPUS at deep discounts!!! HOT SALE!" If people knew how to activate the PTT (Intel) or PSP fTPM (AMD) CPU, then most people would be in good shape. Honestly, the hardware companies really should release "updated BIOS" which turn this feature on, it's in their interest to publish guidance or a "bios update" called "Activate Windows 11 compatibility" - just for the non-enthusiast/ less tech savvy to manage the migration. If you're on 7th gen CPUs then (as mentioned above), you will have been on hardware for 9 years before a required hardware change - 5 years on the 7th gen CPU (2016) and another 5 for the EOL of Windows 10 (2025). Nobody is entitled to an upgrade as the screaming would imply. For perspective - In 2016, the iphone 7 was released.

  3. angusmatheson

    better move fast. Surface duo is Starting from $649.99!!!!!

  4. LaurieTauber

    I think it should be a discount if showing any documents that prove you're a student.

  5. LaurieTauber

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