Microsoft Reaches Human Parity With Chinese to English News Translation

Posted on March 14, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 5 Comments

Microsoft has reached a new milestone with its translation tech. Researchers at the company have developed a new translation that’s capable of translating news in Chinese to English with the same accuracy as real humans.

Researchers have been able to reach human parity with the new translation system through intense training methods. “Much of our research is really inspired by how we humans do things,” a researcher from Microsoft’s Beijing lab said. The accuracy of the translations improved over time as Microsoft researchers trained the translation models with methods like dual learning, deliberation networks, joint training, and more.

Microsoft researchers believe there are a lot of challenges lying ahead, though they hope the technology could one day be used in Microsoft’s consumer products, including Microsoft Translator, Office apps, and Bing.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Reaches Human Parity With Chinese to English News Translation”

  1. bluvg

    The AI takeover is well underway.

  2. Mark from CO


    I remember a few years ago a magical demonstration by Microsoft of instantaneous translation of Chinese to English. As I recall, most everyone thought the demo was amazing. Many commented how far Microsoft was ahead of its competition. Why is it that we see little to none of this magic in Microsoft Translator? Why is that Microsoft Translator is so behind its competitors, particularly Google? It's due to the Microsoft disease - an inability to translate (pun intended) truly amazing research into useful products.

    Mark from CO

  3. glenn8878

    they hope the technology could one day be used in Microsoft’s consumer products,”

    Or they could sell before it becomes a total loss.

  4. nbplopes

    Don’t understand. So it achieves human parity but is not good enough to be used by humans.

    J wonder with who humans talk with than. I mean if we consider that Consumers are humans.

    What is the thing of real humans vs humans?