Microsoft Account Gets New Look With Fluent Design Update

Posted on April 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 12 Comments

Microsoft is refreshing the design for its web-based account management dashboard. The company previously showed off variants of the redesigned Account dashboard in concepts before, but it is finally rolling out the new design to Microsoft Account users.

The redesigned Account dashboard includes a big header section with all of your account’s important information, such as the number of devices you have, as well as your Microsoft Reward points. Everything else is listed afterwards in a grid-based UI where you can access the different settings for each item, such as your Microsoft Family settings, your subscriptions, devices, privacy settings, etc.

Microsoft still seems to be rolling out the redesigned Account dashboard. We have received multiple tips from readers with the new design, but I personally don’t have the new look as of yet. Either way, the new Account dashboard looks significantly better than the previous design, and it shouldn’t take too long to arrive for everyone.

Thanks for the tip, Andrew, Issac!

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