Mastercard Partners With Microsoft for New Digital Identity Platform

Posted on December 3, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft with 15 Comments

Microsoft and Mastercard are teaming up to build a new digital identity platform, the companies announced today. The partnership will involve Mastercard working closely with Microsoft to bring its idea to life.

Mastercard’s idea, for the time being, mostly seems like a concept. The company wants to create a new service that will allow users to instantly and securely verify their identity wherever they want. The company essentially wants to make a universally-recognized system that will make verifying your identity way faster than before.

It’s not clear exactly what Microsoft role is here in this partnership, though it seems like the software giant will be delivering the backend power needed for such a large, universal system with Azure. “Microsoft and Mastercard are bringing together their respective strengths – Microsoft’s expertise in identity technology and Mastercard’s expertise in securely orchestrating digital interactions in a complex, multi-stakeholder ecosystem,” the companies announced.

Microsoft and Mastercard hope to share more details on their partnership in the coming months, so hopefully, things will get more clear in some time.

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