Coming Soon: Microsoft’s Windows Weekly Giveaways (Updated)

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Music + Videos, Office 365, Windows Weekly, Xbox One with 216 Comments

UPDATE: There are a few updates below, in bold. —Paul

As you may have seen, Microsoft CMO Chris Capposela appeared on the 600th episode of Windows Weekly yesterday. And he graciously donated some great Microsoft hardware and software for us to giveaway to Windows Weekly viewers. We’ll be doing that giveaway here at

The giveaways are:

  • 5 Surface Go tablets and Type Covers
  • 5 Surface Headphones
  • 10 product keys for a one-year subscription to Xbox Game Pass
  • 10 product keys for a one-year subscription to Office 365 Home

Two things need to happen before I can start the giveaways. I need to have the products/codes on-hand. And I need to return a signed agreement to Microsoft in which I promise to distribute the gifts.

I’ll return that agreement today.

I have the codes already, so those are just about ready for a giveaway. I’m not sure when the hardware will arrive, but I’ll hold those giveaways once they do. This may be complicated by the holiday next week; aside from Christmas on Tuesday, I’ll be out of town from Wednesday through Friday too. So we’ll have to see on the timing.

So the rough plan is as follows:

Assuming I get the agreement back to Microsoft today (a safe bet), I will make a post for 5 of the Xbox Game Pass codes and 5 of the Office 365 Home codes. You can indicate your interest in receiving either by commenting on that post. (This means you’ll need a site account, which is free.) And then I’ll close it after 24 hours and choose the winners at random the next day. This post will be live tomorrow, Friday, December 21.

I will give away the Surface Go’s and Surface Headphones in a similar manner when they arrive (and when I’m home) using a separate post. These will be U.S.-only, sorry. We’re (that is, BWW Media, my parent company) is footing the bill on shipping, and international shipping may be too expensive. This post will be live the week of January 2 when the hardware arrives.

And then Brad and I will give away the remaining 5 Xbox Game Pass codes and 5 Office 365 Home codes on the First Ring Daily live show on Friday, January 4 at 1 pm ET via the chatroom.

Hopefully, this makes sense.




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