Mixer Introduces a Direct Way of Supporting Streamers

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 0 Comments

Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform is introducing a new feature that allows viewers to directly support streamers. The company is launching Mixer Embers today, a new way of supporting streamers with actual money.

The platform had something similar called Sparks in the past, though that’s something you could earn simply by watching someone’s stream. But Embers are something you actually have to purchase with real money. Once you buy these, you can get access to exclusive stickers, effects, and prominent placement on the chat when you comment. And every time you use your own embers, that money goes directly to the streamer, helping them keep streaming every day.

Embers are a nice way of allowing viewers to support streamers. It may not make much sense to buy these stickers and flashy effects to support streamers you watch as an adult but think of it like a service you are paying for, except you get some flashy things on top of the actual service.

Embers are rolling out on Android and iOS today, and it will be available to Mixer users everywhere next week. The feature is only available to streamers part of the Mixer Partner program.

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