Microsoft’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 17 Comments

It’s Super Bowl season, and big brands are coming out with their Super Bowl ads. Microsoft is one of the latest companies to release its Super Bowl ad, and it’s focused entirely on accessibility.

The ad highlights Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, a special Xbox controller that is built to let almost anyone play games on the Xbox One. Xbox Adaptive Controller was probably one of the biggest work on accessibility from Microsoft, highlighting the company’s continued commitment towards accessibility.

The ad itself shows a bunch of young kids sharing their stories about how the Xbox Adaptive Controller helps their gameplay, and it truly is quite touching, ending with “When everybody plays, we all win.”

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Microsoft’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Will Put a Smile on Your Face”

  1. IamDefiler

    "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"

  2. Cristobal

    Definitely a smile, along with a few tears. Kids will be kids.

  3. SvenJ

    How come your eyes are watering and you are blowing your nose? I have a cold dammit, leave me alone.

  4. justme

    Chapeau, Microsoft.

  5. dcdevito

    Damn near tear-jerker. Very powerful, well done.

  6. Michael_Miller

    Awesome. When the Dad says, 'he's not different when he plays' is heartwarming.

  7. iantrem

    Damn the dust in this room.

    There's a lot of news about the lack of innovation in mobile phones, if companies seriously want to innovate going forward, making technology more accessible, in the way Microsoft is with gaming, is what they should be looking at.

    • bharris

      In reply to iantrem:

      Not only more accessible but also affordable. Most everything that is designed for disabled people is priced very high. I understand as volume produced goes up, cost per unit usually goes down and units sold for these specialized products is pretty low. Thankfully, there are big companies like MS that can afford to invest the money without having to recover it all thru sales of that product. I doubt they'll make much, if any, money directly from that controller but the PR & goodwill that it produces is worth it.

  8. jaredthegeek

    I am sitting in my cubicle with tears in my eyes after this commercial.

  9. gregsedwards

    Love. This.

  10. ggolcher

    This really moved me, made me cry. Thank you Microsoft for doing the right thing in this case, irrespective of profits.

  11. Elindalyne

    I'm not crying.... You're crying!

  12. misterstuart

    This is so awesome! :)