Outlook for Android Finally Gets Add-In Apps

Posted on September 8, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Mobile, Office, Office 365 with 20 Comments

Outlook for Android Finally Gets Add-In Apps

Seven months after the feature first debuted in Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android has finally been updated to support add-in apps.

“We are now rolling out add-ins to Outlook on Android customers with Outlook.com and Office 365 commercial email accounts,” Microsoft’s Outlook team announced today. “Additionally, we’ll be bringing add-ins to Gmail customers on iOS and Android soon.”

“Soon” may be a relative term: When add-in apps debuted in Outlook for iOS back in February, Microsoft said that it would bring that feature to Android “soon.” But a footnote to the announcement says it will happen in “in the next few months.”

But no matter. It’s finally starting today.

And as I noted in Some Thoughts About Outlook Mobile Add-Ins in February, this kind of extensibility makes this surprisingly versatile mobile app even more full-featured. And it’s not just mobile: Outlook add-in apps also work in Outlook on the web, Windows, and the Mac.

“Add-ins help you accomplish tasks quickly, right from Outlook,” Microsoft explains. “Whether you want to save an email to your customer relationship management app, quickly add email content to your project board, translate emails on the fly, or add a bit of flair and personality to emails—add-ins have you covered. There is no need to switch back and forth between apps or copy/paste email information. With add-ins, your favorite apps are just a tap away in Outlook.”

Those apps include some that debuted first in iOS months ago, like Evernote, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Translator, Nimble, OnePlaceMail, Outlook Customer Manager, Smartsheet, and Trello. But there are also some new add-ins debuting this week, including Wrike, JIRA, MeisterTask, Gfycat, and MojiLala. Outlook Customer Manager is coming soon, Microsoft says.

Add-in apps work on Android like they do on iOS, of course: Open Outlook settings and navigate to Add-ins to see what’s available.

In addition to the new add-in app support, Microsoft says that it will be adding a new conversation experience to Outlook for Android soon as well. Yes, that debuted on iOS first too, but at least it was only a few months ago.

You can download Outlook for Android from the Google Play Store.


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