Fitbit Launches More Affordable Smart Watch and Tracker

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile with 12 Comments

Fitbit Launches More Affordable Smart Watch and Tracker

Fitbit today introduced a $200 smartwatch called the Versa, plus an inexpensive new fitness tracker for kids. The firm also announced a new version of its wearables platform, called Fitbit OS 2.0, that adds numerous new features.

“As the wearables category continues to grow, Fitbit Versa fills a critical need in the market by delivering a beautifully designed, full-featured smartwatch that is easy to use at a very competitive price,” Fitbit CEO and co-founder James Park said in a prepared statement. “Versa brings consumers the advanced health and fitness features Fitbit is known for, along with broad compatibility across mobile platforms and 4+ days battery life to provide users with a better picture of their overall health, making it stand out from any smartwatch available today.”

That last bit is important, as these products represent a new push against the Apple Watch, which is closing in on Fitbit’s market share. (Xiaomi is actually the world’s biggest seller of wearable devices, and by far, probably because of its base in China.)

The Fitbit Versa looks solid, and at $200, it’s fully one-third cheaper than the Ionic, Fitbit’s first smartwatch. It provides real-time heart rate tracking, onscreen workouts, automatic sleep stages tracking, quick replies on Android, wallet-free payments (on Fitbit Versa Special Edition only; this is $30 more expensive), on-device music, and 4+ days of battery life.

The Versa is powered by Fitbit OS 2.0, which provides a new and personalized dashboard for daily and weekly health and fitness stats, historical activity, heart rate, and exercise summaries, action-oriented motivational messages, tips and tricks, and daily guidance.

The Fitbit Versa is available for pre-order now. It will ship in April, Fitbit says.

The Fitbit Ace, meanwhile, is a $100 version of the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker that is aimed at children. It features up to 5 days of battery life, 10 unique clock faces, and two fun interchangeable bands in electric blue and power purple. You can preorder it now from the Fitbit website and it will ship sometime before mid-year.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Fitbit Launches More Affordable Smart Watch and Tracker”

  1. pachi

    Lots nicer looking than the Blaze!

  2. Shmuelie

    Does it sync with Windows 10 (Mobile)?

  3. Bart

    No GPS in the Versa. As I often go running, this is a deal breaker for me.

  4. VancouverNinja

    I am stoked for the kids version. Right now our son has a Vivofit Jr. 2 but we are on Fitbits. When he is a little older we will upgrade him to the Ace to join us and other families we are connected with. The VivoFit Jr. 2 does not allow connecting to other users outside of the family unit and that is a downfall for connecting up his friends.

    Nice to see Fitbit releasing these solutions.

  5. rmlounsbury

    This could very well be my next smartwatch. I've been using the Fitbit Charge 2 for awhile now since I've elected to go back and stay on Android. There hasn't been any Android Wear watch that has been able to put all the pieces together I want for less than $300-$400 and I don't really want to drop that much on a smartwatch.

    The catch being that this watch uses Fitbit Pay and not Android Pay (or Google Pay; whatever Google calls it today) which could be a deal breaker if my Credit Union doesn't support it. It took them forever to support Android Pay. Also, not having GPS while not a complete deal breaker is disappointing. But Fitbit probably had to cut costs somewhere.

    But I'm guessing my Credit Union will never support Fitbit Pay. Just use Android Wear & Android/Google Pay already Fitbit!

  6. pwrof3

    Fitbit actually had a semi smartwatch, the Blaze, a full year before the Ionic. It did texts, mail and Facebook/Twitter notifications, as well as the usual Fitbit fitness stuff. I actually see a lot of these out in the wild.