This Is the iPhone XS

Posted on August 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Mobile, iOS with 17 Comments

Just hours after Apple sent out invites for its iPhone event next month, the company’s upcoming iPhone XS has leaked. What you see above is Apple’s new 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch iPhone in the new gold variant.

Apple is expected to unveil three new iPhone devices this year: a 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch iPhones with OLED displays, and a 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display. So far, we had no idea what these new devices will be called, but it turns out Apple is not dropping the X branding.

Instead, this year’s 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone devices will be called the iPhone XS, according to 9to5Mac. Of course, the name is yet to be confirmed but they could be called the regular iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus. Either way, we still don’t know what the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will be called.

Apple will officially unveil its new iPhones next month on the 12th of September, along with a new Apple Watch, new accessories, and new MacBooks.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “This Is the iPhone XS”

  1. Jeffery Commaroto

    One quibble in both of the posts today. It is rumored they will unveil new Macbooks, accessories, Apple Watch and the phones but nothing has been confirmed. Until it actually happens or Apple says that is what they are going to do with a press or some other announcement this is just speculation. For example it was heavily rumored a new budget-friendly Macbook was going to come out months ago during their education event. That never happened. New Mac Mini's have been rumored or speculated on for years.

  2. dontbe evil

    wow so revolutionary...can’t wait to queue in line on day one and be milked from your beloved apple /s

  3. timwakeling

    The iPhone 6s was a clever name; every time you said it out loud you subtly reminded yourself that it was a success.

    Does the same apply to the iPhone XS?

    • Stooks

      In reply to timwakeling:

      iPhone XS sounds like "excess" as in too much. Too much price for sure :)

      I choose iPhone solely for their focus on privacy and being more secure. I could do everything I do on a pixel or Galaxy but the privacy of Android/Google and the fact their app store is constantly having to remove malware laden apps makes it a non-starter for me.

  4. wright_is

    Doesn't XS mean extra small?

  5. cybersaurusrex

    I like how these images conveniently try to hide "the notch."

  6. Vitor Canova Weingaertner

    And probably we will need to call "ten s"

  7. robinwilson16

    Maybe the LCD variant will be called the iPhone XS Minus!

  8. prjman

    Is there any reason to be excited by a slightly larger Iphone? This is Apple's equivalent of the Galaxy S9. Yawn.

  9. Allen Markham

    XS like in X'ed out, only multiple times. I've already decided I want the Samsung Galaxy 10+ which also has yet been announced, but seems as well known. Time to move along to what comes next?