Pixel 2 XL is Now Discounted, But Not the Pixel 2

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 8 Comments

Google has never explicitly discussed its Apple-like policy of keeping previous generation devices around at reduced prices. But they typically do so, and the Pixel 2 XL is now available for about $150 off the original price.

Oddly, the smaller Pixel 2 is not discounted, at least not yet. So it retains its original price, and it is only $50 less than the bigger Pixel 2 XL.

Should you buy a discounted Pixel 2 XL?

In a word, no. As I’ve recounted repeatedly, the Pixel 2 XL is an endemically unreliable handset, and I’m on my third unit overall, having returned two of them because of (different) USB port-related issues. But it’s not just me: Users have reported all kinds of problems with the Pixel 2 XL, including its washed out display, display burn-in, weird clicking and high-pitched sounds related to NFC, and more. The problems were so bad that Google actually doubled the warranty to two years.

That Google has discounted the Pixel 2 XL by $150, to a starting price of $700, is good, theoretically. But it would have to cost a lot less than that before I could recommend it. Even if it was just to use as a camera for trips and events. $500? Maybe.

What’s unfortunate is that the smaller Pixel 2, which was based on an HTC design rather than the Pixel 2 XL’s LG underpinnings, suffers from none of the XL’s issues. How amazing would it be if the Pixel 2 was offered for $100 or $150 off? That phone at $500 or less would almost be a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in such a thing, I recommend keeping track of this. Over time, I do expect the Pixel 2 to be discounted, and perhaps both will be deeply discounted as the stock runs out.


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