Google Fixes Chrome for Android Bug That Led to Data Loss

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google Chrome, Web browsers with 1 Comment

On Monday, I wrote about a new bug on Google Chrome for Android that was causing some major problems for users and app developers. With the release of Chrome 79, Google made changes to where the browser stores web data, causing some data loss problems for apps and users.

And because Android’s WebView relied on Chrome, third-party apps were affected as well, forcing Google to halt the rollout of Chrome 79.

Google has now resumed the rollout of Chrome 79, with a fix for the data loss issue. The company told Android Police that the update only reached 15% of devices as opposed to the 50% originally reported, so the impact of the bug was likely quite minimal.

Google said that none of the user or app data was actually lost, so affected users will be able to get their data back once the new update is delivered. So yes, if you were worried about Chrome destroying your personal data, there’s no reason to fret because the data will make its way back to your apps.

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One response to “Google Fixes Chrome for Android Bug That Led to Data Loss”

  1. wright_is

    But probably rolled out to a lot of developers and testers, because they will force the download, and they are probably the most vocal...