Microsoft Edge Making Its Way to the iPad Next Month

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS with 27 Comments

Last year, Microsoft made its Edge browser cross-platform by bringing it to Android and iOS. The browser picked up a couple of small improvements over the past few months, but Microsoft is currently busy working on the next big leap for the browser.

Microsoft Edge engineer Sean Lyndersay recently teased the release of Microsoft Edge for iPad on Twitter, as first spotted by Neowin. The browser will be available via TestFlight for iPad users early next month, and it will be later rolled out to everyone else.

It’s not clear how exactly the browser will look or work on an iPad, but we will most likely get a tabbed UI like Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft will probably bring support for Android tablets on Microsoft Edge for Android later on, which could pave the way for potential Chromebook support in the near-future, too.

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Comments (28)

28 responses to “Microsoft Edge Making Its Way to the iPad Next Month”

  1. Mike Kane

    I will check this out, but I don't really like the bookmark manager with Edge so I may find myself sticking with Bookmark OS

    • Stooks

      In reply to MichaelBB:

      I honestly tried to use Edge more than once. The book mark manager was the worst.

      • RM

        In reply to Stooks:Lasted version of Edge has improved favorites a lot of the first few versions. But, I am guessing there are still features missing.

        • Spineless

          In reply to RM:

          There are so many defects in the way Edge handles bookmarks. If you use the favorites bar, don't add more items than will show up, because anything that goes into the overflow will be "lost". By lost I mean, you cannot re-position them to the viewed area. Editing a bookmark is user hostile... one menu item to rename, another to edit the url, while every other browser has an edit dialog that allows you do everything in one place. And why are the menus for the favorites bar so huge? The space between items is excessive. Using nested folders on the bookmarks bar? Haha... just try it and see what happens...

          I'm not even going to get started in favorites sync... it's very easy to get into the situation where sync'd favorites result in several fragmented duplicates.

    • John Scott

      In reply to MichaelBB:I've tried Edge myself on Win 10 and always found it to be problematic with some sites, or failed to work properly and there is no simple way to reset it like their was with IE. I always felt its problems related to it being a UWP app? Anyway Chrome is rock solid, and Safari is good on IOS.

  2. jimchamplin

    i would LOVE Chrome OS/Chromium OS support to sync tabs...

    Oh wait, I already have that running Chrome everywhere. My iPhone, iPad, and PCs are all able to share tabs.

    Honestly though... Edge does look REALLY nice now. I'm not on the newest build - Im on Slow Rnig - but it still looks great. If El Goog could ya know? Maybe make Chrome NOT look like the 90s it would be really nice!

    It's even pitiful looking on iOS. No translucency, no real integration, nothing. They don't even have a reader mode. Sure would be nice if they could...

    I don't know...

    Get with the fricking program.

    I'm starting to wish Apple would do a UWP version of Safari. Even just a Desktop Bridge Safari app would be fine. But the complaints are weak when Chrome works so well.

    • IanYates82

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      There's no recent Windows version of Safari to turn into a desktop bridge store app anyway. The last Windows Safari release was several years ago. I suspect that Apple, like Microsoft did with Edge, has Sarafi and its rendering engine pretty reliant upon services and APIs provided by the underlying OS.

      Apple could technically put a Safari wrapper around Chrome's blink engine, or still use a WebKit fork that's Windows compatible, but that'll never happen. If there's no Safari for Android then there won't be a Safari for Windows.

  3. Tony Barrett

    Let's be honest, Edge doesn't cut it and probably never will. While Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari and others exist, Edge doesn't stand a chance. MS just assumed Windows 10 users would switch to Edge without a second thought. It didn't happen. Now they basically force you to use Edge in 10S (Microsoft's vision for Windows) so you don't have a choice. This seems to be the way MS are working these days - give you a new product and see how it goes. If usage doesn't grow as fast as they like, slowly make it more difficult to use anything else, then make it impossible. You have zero choice then. Exactly the way MS want it.

  4. John Scott

    Edge has been going nowhere since its release in Windows 10. Can't fault Microsoft for trying, but Edge isn't exactly winning over users on Windows 10. Let alone platforms with already really good native browsers.

  5. kzrystof

    Next step: Edge available on macOS and.. then Chromebooks. It has to be everywhere to make sense.

  6. Bart

    Very pleased to see Edge coming to the iPad. Now I got Edge on all 3 devices I own and should make life a little easier again.

    I get the argument for Chrome and understand it is the best option for most people, but I just don't like using it.

  7. maxpayi

    no thanks...Chrome and Safari for me on IOS. I don't need MS junk

  8. arunphilip

    I wish they'd just enable the Android phone version for Android tablets, and then see how things work out. Unlike the Apple tablet ecosystem, the Android side is nicely fragmented that it probably makes sense to just roll it out and see what works/doesn't.

  9. Jeffery Commaroto

    As young people say, I just can’t even.

  10. skane2600

    There seems no end to the products Microsoft develops with a dubious return in lieu of working on things their core customers could benefit from.

    • Chris Payne

      In reply to skane2600:

      Yes! Too little too late. This might've worked back when IE had > 50% of the market/usage stats. But, like in other areas, MS shot themselves in the foot in the browser wars too. It's almost like they did it on purpose.

      That said, I do use Edge on my iPhone and will give it a shot on my iPad when it comes out.

    • Stooks

      In reply to skane2600:

      Seriously how much freeking money are they wasting on this? Why would anyone want to use Edge period let alone on iOS devices.

      Safari is hands down the best mobile browser out there. Why? It allows ad blockers. Browsing the web on a mobile device without a ad blocker should be banned by the UN. It should be an internationally crime :)

      Seriously mobile browsers needs ad blockers big time and Edge on iOS does not have that.

  11. Pbike908

    Just how is Edge going to support a Chromebook given that Chrome OS is essentially comprised of the Chrome browser?

  12. VancouverNinja

    Finally we can get Edge on iOS. Easily a better solution to have Edge and not have to use Safari or one of the other browsers. Microsoft is continuing to kill it!

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