Thurrott Daily: October 13, 2015

Thurrott Daily: October 13, 2015
Neat gift from our homeswap partners from France.

Here’s what’s happening today.

10/13/2015 4:45:54 PM

Microsoft is not delaying the New Xbox Experience for Xbox One

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Not sure how this rumor got started, but some apparently believed that the November release of the New Xbox Experience—which will include the Windows 10 underpinnings too–was being delayed to December. Not so, Microsoft says.

“No idea where this [rumor] is coming from,” Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra explained on Twitter. “It’ll be ready when it’s ready.”

I just started playing around with the new dashboard and should have a write-up. So far I like what I see.

A few thoughts about the new iMac

Not a big deal in these parts, but Apple refreshed its iMac line of all-in-one computers today, adding multi-touch screens, TouchID-based sign-in capabilities, and USB-C connectivity.

Just kidding. That’s what they should have done. Instead, Apple is back to its old Mac playbook, “form over function.” Maybe next year.

And speaking of Apple…

Apple antitrust oversight set to end

As you may recall, Apple for the past two years has had to put up with a monitor who ensures that the company has complied with its iBooks-related antitrust ruling. But it looks like that oversight is about to end.

“[Apple has] now implemented meaningful antitrust policies, procedures, and training programs that were obviously lacking at the time Apple participated in and facilitated the horizontal price-fixing conspiracy found by this court,” the U.S. Department wrote in a court filing. And though Apple “never embraced a cooperative working relationship with the monitor” … “over the past two years, Apple has developed and implemented a comprehensive, engaging, and effective antitrust compliance program.”

In short, the DOJ is willing to stop looking over Apple’s shoulder.

Twitter cuts 300 jobs

I know, I was thinking the same thing. More than 300 people work at Twitter? Seriously.

HP internal memo on Dell/EMC merger

From a source…

Subject: HP – Seize the moment

To: All Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employees

You probably saw the news earlier today, Dell announced that they would acquire EMC for $67 billion. I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you why I (and you should too) believe this is a good thing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and an opportunity for us to seize the moment. This is validation for the strategy that we have laid out and I am not surprised that others would try to emulate it. But, the reality is that we are two years ahead of the game and it will be difficult for others to catch up.

First, let me give a little context. To pay back the interest on the $50 billion of debt that the new combined company will have on their balance sheet, Dell will need to pay roughly $2.5 billion a year in interest alone. That’s $2.5 billion that they will allocate away from R&D and other business critical activities, which will keep them from better serving their customers.

Second, integrating EMC and Dell, which combined have more than $75 billion in revenue and nearly 200,000 employees, is no small feat. This will be a massive undertaking and an enormous distraction for employees and their management team as two very different cultures come together, leadership teams shift and an entirely new strategy is developed.

Third, bringing two portfolios together will require a significant amount of product rationalization, which will be disruptive to their business and create confusion for their customers. Customers simply will not know if the products they are buying today from either company will be supported in 18 months.

Fourth, this move is going to cause chaos in the channel as they bring together two different programs and approaches.

All of this at the very moment when we have completed our journey to create two new, focused companies. We’re organized, we have a strong balance sheet and our innovation engine is humming. So, get out in front of your customers and your partners. Tell them our story. Take advantage of this moment.

Best, Meg



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