Microsoft Band 2 Tip: Keep Track of Your Daily Goals with Cortana

Posted on February 28, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft-Band with 0 Comments

Microsoft Band 2 Tip: Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals with Cortana

Band 2 users can keep track of their daily fitness goals in Cortana by connecting their Microsoft Health account to Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Here’s how to do so, and where to look in Cortana for health updates.

Microsoft announced this new functionality earlier this month as part of a series of updates to Microsoft Health and Band 2. But there is one major caveat: It will only work if you’re a U.S.-based user of Band 2/Microsoft Health.

Less restrictive is how you set up and configure Microsoft Health to work with Cortana: You can do so from a Windows 10-based PC or tablet, a Windows 10 Mobile-based phone, iPhone, or an Android handset, using the Cortana app.

I tested this process on Windows 10 for PCs and Windows 10 Mobile: Just open Cortana and navigate to Notebook, Connected Accounts.


Here, select Microsoft Health and then choose Connect.

With the connection made, Cortana will now display a Microsoft Health card which provides today’s steps and calories burned, plus yesterday’s stats for comparison.


This works everywhere you have Cortana: Your Windows 10 PC, your Windows 10 Mobile handset, your iPhone, or your Android handset. Here’s the same card in Windows 10 Mobile.



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