Hands-On: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 21 Comments

Hands-On: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Almost lost in all the excitement around Surface Book 2, Microsoft has also announced a new mouse, the Surface Precision Mouse. And there is some good, and some bad.

The good?

The Surface Precision Mouse is the first Surface-branded mouse to actually provide an ergonomic-ish design. It’s not as large or hand-friendly as the Microsoft Sculpt Mouse that I prefer, but it may be large enough, and formed correctly, to allow for long hours of work. Unlike, say, the terrible Surface Arc Mouse and even worse Surface Mouse. Which, again. Are terrible.

Aside from ergonomics, there are other things to like about the Surface Precision Mouse.

It provides three buttons on the side that can be programmed to do things like launch an app, run a macro, or issue commands like “Save.”

It can be paired with up to three PCs at once, which is very interesting: I actually maintain two identical mice, one for home and one for road, so I never have to worry about this pairing stuff.

It appears to be well-balanced, with a good weight and overall feel. And if offers both Bluetooth and wired USB operation, which seems unique to me.

But there are bad points, as well. Microsoft has yet to surpass its nearly-perfect Sculpt Mouse.

First, the Surface Precision Mouse is for righties only. Left-handed people need not apply.

Second, it’s cheaply made, as are most Surface peripherals, which is really strange considering the premium brand association. It’s all cheap plastics with little hard bits of aluminum that don’t seem nice either.

Also, it’s super-expensive at $99.99. That is unsustainable.

Anyway, I do like it. And I will get one and see whether it can become my new mouse.

The Surface Precision Mouse will be available for pre-order starting on November 9.


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