Microsoft Updates the Software Stack for Surface Hub 2S

Posted on March 16, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 3 Comments

Microsoft today announced a set of software updates that improves its Surface Hub 2S collaboration workspace

“For years, Microsoft has invested in hardware and software solutions to meet emerging customer needs,” Microsoft corporate vice president Steven Bathiche writes in the announcement post. “Years ago, we envisioned a concept we referred to as the ‘magic window,’ a suite of technologies and techniques, which, at its simplest form, was about connecting people and removing barriers of geography and communication style. With Surface Hub 2S, our customers experience this vision, collaborating using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Windows, and more.”

In tandem with the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, Microsoft is announcing the following updates:

Whiteboard improvements. Now, it’s easier for all participants to co-create in a Whiteboard session that includes a Surface Hub. The UI that previously was optimized for Whiteboard screen-sharing has been updated to share a Whiteboard session from within a Teams meeting where each participant has automatic access to edit, Microsoft says. Whiteboard is also adding visual collaboration functionality in Teams, with collaboration cursors, over 50 new templates, contextual reactions, and the ability to open existing boards and collaborate with external colleagues in Teams Meetings.

Outlook improvements. Outlook will now let participants RSVP for meetings and notes regardless of whether they will appear in-person at the meeting or virtually.

Companion device improvements. Microsoft has revved the Surface Hub companion device experience to make it easier and less distracting to join a hybrid meeting from within a conference room.

PowerPoint improvements. Coming soon, PowerPoint will no longer require you to appear in person to deliver effective presentations thanks to the new recording studio and cameo features. You can use these tools to create a presentation, decide how and where you appear on your slides, record it, and then deliver the presentation live or prerecorded in PowerPoint Live for Teams.

3D Fluent emojis. Teams now supports 3D Fluent emojis with “new and vibrant styling” that “infuse expression and playfulness into every message.”

“The Surface team has been on a mission to bring people together, whether they are in the same room or worlds apart,” Bathiche adds. “We designed Surface Hub to be upgradable, modular, and flexible to change with the times and technology. These updates to both hardware and software demonstrate the ongoing benefits available to our Surface Hub 2S customers, and we hope they help to draw teams a little bit closer.”

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3 responses to “Microsoft Updates the Software Stack for Surface Hub 2S”

  1. anoldamigauser

    Teams now supports 3D Fluent emojis with “new and vibrant styling” that “infuse expression and playfulness into every message.”

    Perhaps it is my age, or the industries I have worked in, but if anyone used emojis, fluent or otherwise, in professional communication, I would immediately lose all respect for that person and pretty much tune out anything they were trying to say.

    And, they can get off my lawn, too.

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