Apple TV App Comes to FireTV Stick

Posted on October 24, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Music + Videos, Apple TV+ with 15 Comments

One week after arriving on Roku, the Apple TV app is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K.

“Starting today, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K customers all around the world can download and begin using the all-new Apple TV app,” Amazon’s Delaney Simmons writes. “Inside the Apple TV app, you’ll have access to your entire iTunes library, including all of [the] TV shows and movies that you’ve already purchased or rented from Apple, and soon Apple TV+ (more on that below).”

What you won’t get, based on my experience on Roku is any iTunes Extras (or whatever they’re called) that accompany many Apple movie purchases. But other than that, it’s pretty great. And if I’m reading the Amazon post correctly, it looks like FireTV users will be missing out on another feature, one that is available on Roku: The ability to buy or rent content from their device.

“To buy or rent something, you can simply do so on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and it will instantly appear within the Apple TV app on Fire TV,” Amazon notes. Curious.

Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and India can get the Apple TV app today. Fire TV Basic Edition customers in over 50 countries will also find the Apple TV app in the Amazon Appstore on their Fire TV.

The app is “coming soon” to Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV (3rd Gen pendant design), Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Nebula soundbar. But the Apple TV app is not compatible with Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick (1st Gen).

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Apple TV App Comes to FireTV Stick”

  1. rmlounsbury

    What I really would like to see is an Apple TV app on Android that can Chromecast. Of course, I doubt that would ever happen but with Apple's recent services spree and wanting to get more eyeballs on their streaming service it may happen.

    At somepoint Apple will have to go all in on services making their apps & devices interoperable on all platforms or keep that tight icy grip by tying their apps and services to their hardware.

  2. gregsedwards

    When's it coming to Xbox? I'll just be over here, holding my breath. ?

  3. Chris_Kez

    This is a smart move by Apple. They can't expect people to have three or four Apple TV's around the house; they're just too expensive. But, you could have an Apple TV on your main screen, then fill in the rest of the house with Roku's and Fire TV's and still get most of the Apple TV experience (minus Arcade).

  4. colin79666

    The buying thing is just tit for tat since you can’t buy Amazon content in their apps on iOS (as Apple would want their 30%).

  5. William Clark

    It's a pretty smart move. I would not buy an Apple TV box but I will put this app on my Fire TV Stick.

  6. mattbg

    Hopefully theslated 2019 Sony TVs like the X950G will get the app soon. It was supposed to be out late summer but still a no-show. These are running Android TV and it's not clear whether they will simply deliver AirPlay 2 or a full Apple TV app like the Roku and Fire are getting.

  7. truerock2

    When Apple TV came out on Roku - this is what I wrote:


    Apple is going to have a very difficult time competing against Disney, Netflix, Comcast, AT&T, Amazon, etc.

    Apple is going to need to push iTunes/AppleTV out on USB/HDMI-sticks, internet browsers (like Netflix) which would include Android and Windows support.

    But, obviously this gets back to the overall problem. This is all crap for customers who have to navigate an incredibly complex infrastructure for content.

    The original version of iTunes was the perfect delivery infrastructure for entertainment content. The myriad of streaming infrastructure crap sucks big time.

    God... I wish Steve Jobs was still alive.


    Likewise, the same applies to Amazon Fire stuff.

    Each player in today's entertainment content delivery has a small part of the whole. This means no one really has much control of the market. This leaves the consumer with something 50 times worse than Blu-ray vs HD-DVD or VHS vs Betamax at a much, much more expensive price.

    So, consumers are screwed.

    But, I always try to note the positives... and, there is a huge one... the availability of quality content has skyrocketed in volume. There is so much more high-quality entertainment content today as compared to 10 years ago - and, beyond comparison of that 20 years ago.

    • bill_russell

      In reply to truerock2:

      If allowed to, I'm sure apple would love to control every content source via itunes or whatever in the name of a simple consumer experience. We would then truly be screwed. Back to the single provider days like the cable company. But it was super convienent - power on cable box and pick from what's in the guide. I rejoice at the way things are today and we are absolutely the opposite of screwed. These are all by the month services. Sign up for a month binge on any device and cancel if you want.

  8. darrellprichard

    I've got multiple TVs and Xboxes - and only 1 Apple TV device. I'd love to see the app made available for Xbox - even if I sill have to rent/buy content from my iPad/iPhone.

  9. irfaanwahid

    What happened to Apple Tv coming to Samsung Smart TVs?

  10. branpurn

    I'll just sideload the APK later like with Amazon Video, thanks no thanks to their anticompetitive practices.

    It's nice not relying on closed device platforms like Apple TV.