Spotify Is Finally Adding a Sleep Timer for Songs

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Spotify with 6 Comments

Spotify is finally adding a built-in timer for when you are listening to songs in bed. The new timer feature is coming first on Android, as first reported by Android Police, and spotted by users on Reddit.

The built-in timer means when you go to bed, you can start listening to an album or a playlist, and set the timer to stop the audio after a certain duration, going up to 1 hour. You can also use the timer feature to stop playing after the end of a track, too.

The feature is only available for Android for the time being, and it’s not showing up on iOS as of yet. But you can simply use the built-in timer feature on the Clock app in iOS to stop playing music after the timer finishes, so that’s pretty handy for now.

Spotify’s sleep timer feature has been available for a while, but for some reason, it’s only limited to Podcasts, and not for regular music. And now that Spotify is slowly merging music and podcasts, it makes sense to bring the sleep timer to normal music playback.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Spotify Is Finally Adding a Sleep Timer for Songs”

  1. Rob_Wade

    That's all well and good. But can I stream my music from OneDrive? Can I purchase and download music? No? Then, like almost all other music apps, this is useless to me. Utterly, frustratingly useless to me.

  2. mattbg

    I always just use the iOS timer you mentioned. Swipe up, set the iOS timer to stop playing after x mins, and that's it.

    I'm not sure I would even use a built-in Spotify sleep timer if there was one on iOS because the built-in sleep timer works so well across the board.