Office 365 Apps Now Available to Everyone in the Windows 10 Store

Posted on January 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office, Windows 10 with 47 Comments

It’s been a while since Microsoft announced the launch of Office 365 apps on the Windows Store, now the Microsoft Store. The company originally launched Office 365 apps on the Microsoft Store for some Windows 10 S devices such as the Surface Laptop. The company later tested the apps with a small group of Windows Insiders, and now it’s finally bringing them to all Windows 10 users today, including users who are not on Windows 10 S.

Microsoft has flipped the switch which enables all Windows 10 users to install the Office 365 suite on their Windows 10 device from the Microsoft Store, reports Neowin. The entire Office suite isn’t available from the Microsoft Store, but the core apps are here — which means you are getting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and OneNote UWP.

Like Skype, Microsoft Store will be the default way of Windows 10 users getting Office’s desktops apps on their Windows 10 machines in the future. But Microsoft opening up Office 365 apps to everyone right now suggests it’s only a matter of time till Microsoft recommends users to get the Office 365 suite from the store in Windows 10.

Microsoft will need to improve the reliability of the installation process and figure out some quirks before any of that happens, though. The main deal breaker right now is the fact that you are required to uninstall the existing Office 365 apps on your device to be able to actually install the Store versions.

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Comments (47)

47 responses to “Office 365 Apps Now Available to Everyone in the Windows 10 Store”

  1. jwpear

    Can you pick and choose the Office apps from the store or must you install all of them like you must do with the installer?

    • rwoods716

      In reply to jwpear:

      You should be able to pick and choose from the Store. You can also install the whole package and uninstall select apps by right-clicking in the Start Menu.

  2. skane2600

    I don't think these can be full Office apps since some functionality isn't possible in the UWP environment even when an app is "bridged".

    • SvenJ

      In reply to skane2600: Not sure what you are missing. I installed these on a 10S test machine to see what they could do. My specific purpose to ensure VBA worked in Access. I found nothing lacking there. I imagine there may be issues with third party add-ins if you are on Win 10S, but because of the OS, not necessarily the Office capabilities. Not sure what happens when these are installed on a regular Win 10 box.

      • skane2600

        In reply to SvenJ:

        Are you referring to VBA functionality within an Office application? I was referring to the ability to automate an Office application from outside Office which is an important capability.

        In other words can one from outside Office do this within the UWP environment?

        set ComWordObj = CreateObject("Word.Application") // VBScript


        var ComWordObj = new ActiveXObject("Word.Application") // JScript

    • Jeremy Petzold

      In reply to skane2600:

      These are the full applications. They are using the centennial bridge.

  3. Maelstrom

    @Mehedi: Your usage of the term "apps" is confusing because we don't know for sure if you're talking about the UWP or x86 versions here. So, it may be better to make the distinction between mobile programs, that is to say "apps" and x86 software which Paul has distinguished from the former by calling them "applications", if I'm not mistaken.

  4. hrlngrv

    FWIW, I already had Office 365 Home installed on my Windows 10 Insider VM, and the Install button in the MSFT Store app page kept sending me in the browser to I had to remove the VM as an active Office device and uninstall Office from it and reboot it before Office 365 would install from the Store.

    ADDED: btw, a really odd picture for this product, the family gathered around the PowerPoint?

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to hrlngrv:


      The Store version of Office doesn't include OneNote2016, the desktop version. Windows 10 comes bundled with UWP OneNote, and that seems to be the only version MSFT really wants people to use.

      Foolishly when I noticed that Store Office didn't include OneNote, I tried installing the free a la carte desktop OneNote. Sadly, that uninstalled Store Office and reinstalled desktop Office. Further, it left two program entries in Control Panel's installed programs listing, one for Office and the other for OneNote Home & Student. Both need to be uninstalled before the Store app will allow installing Store Office.

      tl;dr -- if you want Store Office, you're stuck with UWP OneNote. If you want desktop OneNote, you can't have Store Office. Don't hold your breath waiting for MSFT to include desktop OneNote in Store Office.

  5. gregsedwards

    Ok, definitely gonna check this out today.

  6. mrdrwest

    Downloading now.

    I'm surprised I didn't see a store ad for this, so thanks for the tip.

  7. JAMES495

    I am afraid that in the future I cannot pay monthly descriptions for Microsoft Office home 365. I am disabled on disability. I am not to subscribe to Thurrout premium right now.

  8. mahimk300

    really good and thanks for this information.

  9. Skolvikings

    I must be missing something. I checked the Microsoft Store and I can't find any of them.

  10. TheJoeFin

    Do they update via the store too or do they use the custom Office updater?

  11. Dan1986ist

    About time Microsoft expanded the availability of Office apps in the Microsoft Store to everyone on Windows 10. It makes it a lot easier to only install certain Office apps, and not install those you don't use.

    Also, is anyone else getting redirected to the Office installer on the website after completely uninstalling the click-to-run install and restarting?

  12. coeus89

    Is this the 32 bit apps or will it install the 64 bit? I currently have the 64 bit installed and they perform better than the 32 bit ones did when I had those.

    • IanYates82

      In reply to coeus89:

      Good question... I tend to stick with the 32 bit ones out of habit and compatibility, although I suspect those compat concerns are no longer an issue.

      My guess would be they are 32 bit since they'll run everywhere, even windows on ARM (although I believe they've done something ARM specific with their binaries and/or code)

  13. Polycrastinator

    I'm only seeing home use SKUs, not business SKUs in the store. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

  14. Brandon Mills

    ...and it was then, January 24th 2018, that Microsoft *finally* got the apps they should have had for the Windows 8 launch into their online store. Windows 8 launched on Aug 01, 2012. Glad we're all on schedule here. ( You can make an argument for the Office mobile apps, but they really can't compare to the real thing in the workplace. )

    Now someone go get MS a DeLorean so they can go save Cortana.

    • SvenJ

      In reply to BrandonMills: I had Office on Windows 8. I had it on Windows RT for that matter. What is the big deal about it not being in the 'store'? I went to Microsoft to buy it, or Best Buy, or SAMS, or any number of software retailers. It is not, IMHO, a 'store' app, it's a port to let it be installed from the store. Only people who need this are the two who are running Win 10 S (to use a Paul hyperbole).

      • Jeff Jones

        In reply to SvenJ:

        The problem is mainly that Microsoft introduced an application framework and app store that wouldn't work with their flagship product. Then they took 5 years to improve it to something that is usable for anything greater than a basic phone app. Pretty much all of the potential for excitement around a new streamlined application format on the desktop basically died and now almost no one considers it worth the time.

        • PeteB

          In reply to DataMeister:

          Bingo. But then metro and the awful windows Store was DOA to begin with if we're being very honest.

          And the ugly Fisher Price tiles didn't win MS any new customers. In fact it just turned people away and singlehandedly cost them any foothold in the mobile race.

          • hrlngrv

            In reply to PeteB:

            Liking or disliking the tiles is subjective. I won't fault MSFT for creating live tiles, but I will fault MSFT for making it the one & only UI for Windows 8. All previous Windows versions back to Windows 95 came with a means of using the previous version's UI. That was wise. The Windows 8 clean break with the past approach was either a big gamble (which lost) or hubris mixed with extreme foolishness.

    • Winner

      In reply to BrandonMills:

      ...but are they actually UWP, or just wrapped?

      You know, UWP, the technology Microsoft wants/wanted all of its application vendors to use...

  15. lilmoe

    Did I miss something? Why is Onenote 2016 missing? Why the UWP version?

  16. Edward Grego

    Wow, just WOW! How many years has it taken MS to get it own software in its own store??? Look no further than this example as a reason why MS keeps failing. If you do something, you have to commit and go all in, not half step and hope others will carry the weight.

    Good job I guess? For sure, it's about damn time....

    • mrdrwest

      In reply to Edward_Grego:

      Office is a legacy app deeply routed in the old ways (Win32).

      That's not a project that you refactor in a few months so it can be available for d/l in the Microsoft Store.

      • Edward Grego

        In reply to mrdrwest:

        You're absolutely right, but how long ago did MS introduce the store to PC? 5-6 years ago? Does that seem feasible?

        How long ago did they introduce UWP?? I would think they would have used their own software as an example for how a UWP could be?

        Don't think there is really an excuse for the amount of time its taken them to get this software to it's own store, its a fail of epic proportion.

  17. craziyogi07

    Nice information regarding office 365.