First Ring Daily Live: The Hardware Edition

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 10 Comments

It’s Friday which means it is time to bring First Ring Daily to you live. On this episode, we talk about the launch of a new Windows Mobile device in Europe, Surface Pro updates, Surface Laptop oil issues, and a lot more.

The live show has ended, a recording will be available shortly.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: The Hardware Edition”

  1. mntrap

    Is it just me?  I'm not getting any sound

  2. mmcpher

    None here hear either.

  3. mmcpher

    Now there are two people pretending to talk! I like it!

  4. mmcpher

    On my desktop, it opens muted but I can turn on sound. On my GS8+, it opens muted and won't let me unmute.

  5. pcl

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    • glong

      In reply to pcl: He's probably just going to replace the covers on the walls. With either a flat cover, or remove the coax port if its with another jack. Pulling out the cable would require a lot of money redoing walls etc.

  6. araedy

    Wrong episode on RSS feed (yesterday's) and streaming off Vimeo is constantly freezing at present ?

  7. bbold

    I own the Platinum colored base Surface Laptop and it's absolutely fine, I think it may be harder to discolor or easily scratch this particular color of unit, which is ironic since it's the base model. The alcantara is also silver/platinum colored and no smudges or oil issues, either. To all those worried about it, get the low or high end version in Platinum rather than Cobalt or Burgundy, or get a SP or SB instead.

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