Episode 2: Ignite Day 2

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 20 Comments


It’s day two of the First Ring Daily from Ignite in Atlanta and in this episode, Paul and I cover the big announcements from the second day of the show. This will be our last podcast from Ignite but we will pick things up starting next week from our new studios on Monday when the show kicks off every day.

As a reminder, the podcast will be happening every day, Monday through Friday, with shows Monday through Thursday being available to premium users and on Friday, we will record it live and it will be open to everyone.

If you missed the first episode, you can find that here.

The Friday episodes and live events will be posted to the YouTube account below and we will also create an RSS feed for audio-only listeners too. For the premium aspect of the podcast, we are working to create the protected RSS feed and will share that in the near future.

This is the latest part of the new Thurrott Premium experience that we are releasing this fall and as you hopefully saw earlier this week, the new comment system is live and the forums are now online.


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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Episode 2: Ignite Day 2”

  1. 5207

    Love the way this is shaping up ... appreciate the attention to detail (e.g. intros, outrous, high quality microphones, subtle branding [shirts, decals on surfacebooks] that adds to the production value.

    Looking forward to the continued attention to these production details being combined with the prodigious content that we've come to appreciate over the years. 

    • 5501

      Agreed, more and more I'm loving being a part of this community, and it just seems like it's going to get better and better.

  2. 3373

    Hey guys..audio is really low.

    • 49

      Microsoft recorded and produced the show, we were not able to control audio volumes at Ignite; once we are producing the show (next week) we can make sure audio is at the correct levels.

      • 920

        it was better today than yesterday.  Obviously there are limitations from a large convention hall.  Loving the podcasts.  Premium Thurrott content will great.


  3. 1792

    I like Cortana as a user but Google Now seems to have the edge in many ways. For example flight tracking. With Cortana it depends on a specific email corresponding to a specific xml schema to get recognised. Whereas Google Now just seems to pick up keywords in text. The net result is my Android devices know exactly where I am going and when whereas Cortana sturggles.

    My feeling is that Cortana is a good corprorate bot. Created by committee, standards compliant, expects the world to sing to her tune and provide data how she likes it. Google Now seems to be a rogue child of inspired individuals. Google Now just grabs data how it finds it and then deals with it. Google Now doesn't expect data providers to be good and just wings it. As a consequence Cortana will ignore the world unless it arrives neatly packaged for analysis. Google Now aggresively crawls the world and takes what it finds.


  4. 779

    Could we get video RSS feeds as well, at least for the premium members?

  5. 3767

    It is still low, but its not as bad as it was with episode 1, at least for me.



  6. 677

    I would like to say this site is turning into an awesome site.

    Ok this may get boring. Sorry for that lol

    The thing i love from Paul is his honesty. It is making me change me thoughts on things.


    Yes I am one of those Microsoft fanboys. Pure and simple.

    But after Listening to Paul, yes i may switch to Andriod. Oh NO. Yes .

    Hope this seems relavant.


    Awesome site guys

    • 442

      You do realize that Paul switched back to iOS recently...

  7. 953

    Where is the Atlanta Meetup today?

    • 4138

      That's odd. Reply is still adding the response to the wrong comment...

    • 4138

      Check yesterday's podacast. I am pretty sure Paul talked about it.

  8. 2776

    So just curious about the comment about how the new website is going to be more video friendly, does that mean you are going to be focusing on using the media features built into HTML5 or is it still going to be primarily YouTube

  9. 323

    Great work Guys!

  10. 1318

    Awesome episode you two!!  Thanks for enabling CC for this video, it really helped!!

  11. 1098

    Great show.  I'm looking forward to Monday!

  12. 920

     Only 31 Brad?  Whoah, now my 36 feels a little older.   Keep drinking the beer.


  13. 3494

    My new Outlook.com (Outlook Mail) appeared today!! 

  14. 3494

    Audio was low again. Windows weekly was fine.