First Ring Daily Live: Surface Surface Surface Studio Giveaway

Posted on May 5, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 12 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily Live, we talk about Surface events, Surface hardware, and give away two Surface Studios.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Surface Surface Surface Studio Giveaway”

  1. siko

    That link/plugin doesn't seem to work, or is this not live yet?

  2. mebby

    'Lah Keenta'

    I have stayed there a bit during road trips because they have a good pet policy.

  3. Lewk

    What's funny is that in Australia the Post Code is only 4 digits long lol. So if any Aussie's won, you would have read out their whole postcode.

  4. wright_is

    Why is Brad's audio out of sync? When he talks, the audio stops about half a second before his lips stop moving. Paul's is more-or-less in sync.

  5. suominena

    It looks like the old Chinese Kung-Fu movies, where you hear the dialog in English but the mouths of the actors move like Brad's now :-)

  6. Daniel A Monetelli

    Hello Brad Sams, I wanted to add an idea about the next challenges that will be, I think it would be an incentive to give diplomas to those who did not win a prize.

  7. JanesJr1

    Re: surface and "people asking for super-light ultrabook". Why do you think so? What is the bizarre fetishism about still more thinness? Why the insane priority on thin-ness even at the expense of battery life, efficient cooling, and (already long forgotten) serviceability? They're plenty light and thin already!. 2.7 poinds isn't light enough? This isn't a tablet where it makes that much diff. I need powerful config, and I hate having to pay ridiculous premiums for add'l memory and storage, and having to send a faulty machine somewhere else to get it services.

    Surface hit it right on having a machine that has both a bright, moderately high res screen and very long battery life. Size is fine! I just wish it was serviceable. And the power config's are too expensive by far.

  8. jean

    there is no way anybody could have misinterpreted the 18 months support window - there are plenty graphical representations of those support cycles - it's what people want to have understood. its rather simple really:

    D-Day Version N is released in CB

    D-Day +4 month version N is released in CBB

    D-Day +6 months version N+1 is released in CB

    D-Day +10 months version N+1 is release in CBB

    D-Day +12 months Version N+2 is released in CB

    D-Day +16 months Version N+2 is released in CBB - thats where the 2 month grace period for version N starts

    Support means: you will get Quality Updates (Patches) - hence 2 month after N+2 is released in CBB you will no longer get patches

    that is true for all Windows 10 Editions in CB/CBB - LTSB is yet another story - however please note that LTSB is not designed for Office type workload and should be used for ATMs and other automation type devices

    "you will be upgraded" is yet another story - means at CBB of N+2 nothing really happens to a computer on N - other than there won't be any updates


  9. jean

    you keep on claiming that the HP spectre X360 is thinner and lighter than the Microsoft Surface Laptop:

    HP Spectre: 2.86 lbs and 0.543 Inches (flat rectangular)

    Surface Laptop: 2.76 lbs and 0.57 inches (at its thickest point) but merely 0.375 inches at the narrowest