First Ring Daily Live: Follow The Scorpio Telemetry

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 11 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily Live, Brad needs counseling, Paul offers no advice, and those darn telemetry questions never go away.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Follow The Scorpio Telemetry”

  1. michael.dice

    No sound on live stream

  2. cawfehman

    sound is out of sync... will just listen to this one

  3. Usman

    That telemetry nonsense is so prevalent over the internet with regards to Windows 10. They tend to have no reply when you tell them that the phones in their pocket and the browser they're using does the exact same thing.

  4. Nonmoi

    Few points:

    A. On the country limit of telemetry data, one way Microsoft can accommodate it by prompt user to digitally sign an authorization to replicate telemetry every time user sign in from a new country, and/or allow user to manage the countries s/he want her/is data can be store in.

    B. The Chinese government version of Windows 10 will not be unique I suspect, many be soon we will see country specific versions of Windows 10 all over the world, governments will want more control of the OS they are using and maybe soon there will be cooperation specific versions too - these demands will push the future of Windows to be more modular, and hopefully that will be good thing.

    C. I really feel that Microsoft should consider to sale the Surface brand and lines of products to one of the OEMs by now. (See my earlier post about it.) This seems to be the only way to right the wrong headed decisions like no USBC port on machines in 2017. It is very telling that both what Microsoft consider the "most personal laptop" and the "most versatile laptop" in 2017 are rocking a single USB 3.0 port. If anyone think the Apple's approach to have only TypeC/TB3 ports are misguided, they should also understand that what is worse than a laptop with only one USB C port is a laptop with only one Type A port.

  5. Lewk

    I love the magnet connector because I've tripped on the power cord so many times it's just disconnected from my Surface Pro 3 saving it from being pulled to the ground.

    I agree though they should update it to USB 3.1 and Thundebolt 3, and then add a USB-C port as an additional port. But keep the magnet connector.

  6. John Scott

    Brad's sort of rant on privacy was something that needed to be said. Prosecuting Microsoft for doing what Google, Facebook, and Apple do as well as almost every app and retail web site like Amazon does is hypocritical paranoia. Or maybe selective paranoia would be a better term. So your fine with what Google does but not Microsoft? So you would rather run Windows 10 China version then a US one? I have some issues with Windows 10 but the least of which is privacy issues. The tin foil hat people will have to accept that if you use a computer and access the internet apps, OS and web sites will collect data to better serve the end user. Its not going away, and if your unhappy with that then maybe the internet isn't for you?

  7. siko

    On windows versions and editions: Don't forget that we already have the European version N (which is completely BS IMHO and cumbersome for folks that just want windows period.)

    Also with windows UWP, the store (and related apps apparently) is also divided per region. For example no video media in store in Portugal. Which kind of sucks. And also if you decide to remove movies & tv app, it won't be reinstall-able, as a result, which is even more BS.

    BTW Killing me with Paul's surface connector quirk... ROFL

  8. Brandonlpierce

    My expectation/hope with Scorpio is a refresh to the Elite Controller. Don't think they could include it because of price but maybe a discount or bundle with console purchase.

  9. Programmatic 410

    I think they should have a $40 offering in the Windows Store to disable all telemetry. That would make MS money that they could put towards paying for professional testers, plus it would get people to upgrade from older versions of Windows that don't have an option to disable telemetry, thus making Windows 10 "THE" OS of choice for those that want privacy.

    Another thought is maybe have a $100 offering that disables telemetry on any installation of Windows that is logged in with the Microsoft account used to purchase the telemetry disable, so that all devices that use that MSA would be opted-out.

  10. franklyray

    Brad or Paul, who switches cameras for your show?

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