First Ring Daily Live: Killer VR Does the Duo

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 8 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily Live, Paul forgets where he lives, Brad can’t open apps correctly, and VR/AR is Microsoft’s new smartphone.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Killer VR Does the Duo”

  1. hrlngrv

    For Brad's window sizing and placement: AutoIt can do it, but it takes a bit of programming.

  2. navarac

    The sound sync on this podcast was abysmal guys.

  3. Rick B

    Display Fusion works great for 2 or more monitors. They have a free and a pro version.

  4. Rick B

    If you have trouble with desktop icons moving on you there is a free program called Desktop Restore which you access with a right click on the desktop to save or restore icon locations.

  5. rlcronin

    To position and size your windows, maybe DisplayFusion?

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