Windows Weekly 511: Yammer Yam Jam

Posted on March 30, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Megan Morrone joins Mary Jo and me to discuss the Creators Update rollout schedule, the Xbox One Creators Update, Surface news, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip #1: Get the Creators Update as Quickly as Possible

With the Creators Update poised for release, enthusiasts may be curious how they can get these major Windows 10 upgrade as quickly as possible. Here are a few methods to consider.

Tip #2: Want Premium? Move quickly

I’m not sure why Microsoft won’t promote this, but you can save big on Premium if you act fast. And the service is now available in many more places than was originally the case.

App pick of the week: Cortana for Android (and iOS)

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant keeps getting better on mobile. In particular on Android.

Enterprise pick of the week:Dynamics 365 for Operations (on prem)

April is coming, as is an on prem version of Dynamics 365 for Operations (in preview).

Codename pick of the week: Windows HomeLoop

Ok, folks. Let’s try to guess what this thing is. (thanks to @h0x0d for linking it). I’m thinking maybe has to do with Evoke (MS digital memories service in development)

Beer pick of the week: Half Acre Tuna

Why is this pale ale from Chicago called Tuna? No reason. None at all. It’s a nice, flavorful 4.7% session, though. (Thanks to listener Devon (Devio) from Chicago for hand carrying me some this week.)


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