It’s a Capossela Christmas – Windows Weekly 652

Posted on December 19, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 6 Comments

Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela returns to Windows Weekly for our favorite holiday tradition, and he’s come bearing gifts!

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: It’s the Chris Cap giveaway!

Check in at for the details about the Microsoft hardware and software giveaways for Windows Weekly.

App pick of the week: Adobe Lightroom (Microsoft Store version)

Adobe has quietly made Lightroom available in the Microsoft Store. If you need this app and use Windows, you need this version, even though it’s not as great a deal as is Photoshop Elements.

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server 2004

Microsoft has shared very little publicly about what’s new in Windows Server 20H1. But the eagle-eyed folks at RCP found a list of a few of the features. Reduced container size is the most notable improvement.

Codename pick of the week: Alta

Microsoft’s coming M365 Consumer subscription (M365 Life) is codenamed “Alta.” Is it codenamed for the Alta, Utah ski resort (inquiring minds want to know).

Beer pick of the week: Prairie Christmas Bomb

There are a lot of excellent Christmas beers/winter warmers. But one of my favorite year in and out is Prairie’s Chrismas Bomb. They take their base imperial stout (Prairie Bomb) and Christmas it up: At 13%, it might lead to long winter naps!


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “It’s a Capossela Christmas – Windows Weekly 652”

  1. qdep

    Awesome episode!! Thanks Chris! ?

  2. darkgrayknight

    New Edge Dev - is showing "Switch to Chrome" "Hide annoying ads and protect against malware on the web".

  3. madthinus

    Chris is awesome, just sorry twit short changed his time this year. He seemed very chatty and it limited the conversation quite a bit.

  4. bob25

    Enjoyed the show. FYI, here in Utah we (most of us) pronounce Mary Jo's code word "Al-ta," not "All-ta" (the ski resort).

  5. i_shall_pass

    What a wonderful episode! CC is always a joy to hear!

  6. Vladimir Carli

    Thank you for this episode. Listening to Chris Capossela is actually amazing.

    I am a bit worried about his words on xcloud. Paul was trying to understand better how it will work and Chris replied that it will be completely tied to Gamepass. That sounds more as a limitation than a feature. It's really important that xcloud will be available for all xbox games, not only gamepass games. Otherwise is b-series gaming