Chocolate Sahara – Windows Weekly 666

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 0 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss Microsoft canceling Ignite, all the Microsoft 365 news, Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, cloud usage, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Gaming the apocalypse

While many are turning to Netflix, etc. during our isolation, maybe we should try something more interactive: Video games. There are plenty of free games to be had across PC, console, mobile, and web. And plenty of games that are fun to play with others, including some family members who are not gamers. Also, how about some actual, physical games? I have some choices to try.

Or: If I could plug my own beginner programming project efforts again, you could also look into learning software development. I’ve created .NETpad in WinForms and WPF so far, and I’m working on a UWP version now. But there are all kinds of books/video courses/etc. out there, and lots of languages/environments/frameworks to consider. If I was starting right now, I’d choose JavaScript and probably React/React Native.

App pick of the week: Microsoft Editor

Microsoft’s new Grammarly clone is available as an extension for Chrome and Edge.

Or: The real Grammarly is now available for Word for Mac, Word Online

Plus: Microsoft PowerToys 0.6 adds new and improved tools, er, toys.

Enterprise pick of the week: Get ready for a remote Patch Tuesday

MS has a good blog post on how to use ConfigMgr to handle Patch Tuesday when many of your users are now remote.

Also a good place to ask questions and see resources about remote working.

Enterprise pick No. 2: Microsoft extends the retirement date for key certifications by 7 mos.

MCSE, MCSD and MCSA certifications won’t be retired until Jan. 2021 because (you guessed it), impacts of COVID-19.

Beer pick of the week: Finback Brewing Before Dawn

It’s spring. It’s time for some fruity sours. This one is all apricot, all the time. Definitely counts as one of your fruit and veggie servings for the day. Another great local NYC beer (Glendale, NY) for those of us in lockdown.


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