Black Market ISOs – Windows Weekly 732

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 10 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the blowback in the wake of the Windows 11 announcement, Cloud PC, JEDI, Xbox, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Back to school sale

Microsoft Store is hosting another back-to-school sale right now. Also, remember that

parents and students save up to 10 percent year-round on select products at Microsoft Store.

Also: I finished the Windows 10 Field Guide this past week. Download now to get the final major content update.

App pick of the week: Opera for Android

Opera for Android is now optimized for Chromebooks, pointing the way to other mobile browsers and apps being optimized for desktop platforms.

Enterprise pick of the week: SQL Server on Windows Containers is no more

SQL Server on Linux Containers: Yes. SQL Server on Windows Containers: No. This may seem counterintuitive, but it actually makes sense.

Enterprise pick No. 2 of the week: The 8th edition of Office 365 for IT Pros (with a discount for WW listeners)

The bible for M365/O365 for IT pros is now in its 8th edition. And the lead editor Tony Redmond has provided a handy-dandy discount code for listeners to get $10 off.

Beer pick of the week: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

Codename for Cloud PC is Deschutes. Deschutes Brewing in Oregon makes some really great beers. Black Butte Porter is one of THE best out there. And Deschutes Fresh Squeezed is one of my favorite IPAs when on the west coast. Tastes like fresh squeezed OJ, with hops. 6.4%. soooo tasty.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Black Market ISOs – Windows Weekly 732”

  1. srrlx1986

    I liked the first part but I'm an LV native. Not going to lie I didn't need to go anywhere but my backyard to watch fireworks. I mean they were amatures but it was still nice and the house didn't burn down. One guy in my neighborhood did lose a hand about two weeks ago and I was hoping that would quiet things down, it didn't. The thing with Allentown the song it wasn't really Allentown or Bethlehem it was about Levittown, and the music video is pure 1980s gold.

  2. anoldamigauser

    And because Pennsylvania...North East is a borough in Erie County, which is the northwest corner of the Commonwealth.

    • srrlx1986

      I like Jersey Shore PA, in the middle of the state just to confuse everyone

    • hrlngrv

      The US is full of anomalous town/locality names. Berlin, New Hampshire (pronounced like Merlin, but starting with a B) or Paris, Texas.

      I may be odd. I go the other way. I've always liked Georgia's second state capital's name, Milledgeville. There's a certain down to earth quality in such a name.

  3. slbailey1

    If you right click on the Start Menu, you have access to Task Manager.

  4. Maverick010

    I think as far as speed goes, the new GUI face-lift makes the OS feel more fluid and speedier, as it is very smooth transitions. Also the screens refresh rate is Dynamically adjusted by Windows 11 I believe. Now gaming wise, there is a performance increase from Windows 10. If that remains and continues the trend, gaming performance could see a decent performance boost.

  5. lordbaal1

    You can easily turn off night mode.

    The iPhone is 1000 times better than Android.