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  • What I Use: WD My Cloud EX2

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    A little under a month ago, I wrote about my first impressions of the WD My Cloud EX2, a prosumer-grade network attached storage (NAS) device that I figured would be a great solution for families especially. But after testing this neat little appliance more extensively, I’m sold: I purchased a larger-capacity unit and will be […]

    Backup Strategies: File History

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    File History is an intriguing but limited backup solution that backs up your documents and other important files as well as previous versions of those files so you can “go back in time” and recover an older file version when needed. This functionality is available in Windows 8 or newer. Note: Parts of this article […]

    First Look: WD My Cloud EX2

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    With network attached storage (NAS) devices being marketed as personal clouds these days, I decided to take a look at a typical solution, the WD My Cloud EX2. This two-disk appliance offers decent performance and compatibility, data redundancy, and local and cloud-based backup functionality in a cute and somewhat affordable package. Whether you choose such […]

    Thinking About PC Backup Strategies

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    When it comes to PC backup, one size doesn’t fit all. Not only does the built-in backup functionality in Windows vary—sometimes wildly—from version to version, but users’ needs and wants vary. With that in mind, and guided by your feedback, I’d like to start thinking about—and then writing—a series about PC backup. Here’s where my […]

    Clean PC: Use System Backup

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    If you’ve been following along with my Clean PC article series, you know that you can replace your PC maker’s crapware-laden version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with a clean version. But if you find that process a bit too arcane, you have other options. Among them is the system image capabilities […]

    What to Expect from OneDrive in 2015

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    One of Microsoft’s most crucial cloud technologies is in flux as the software giant works to consolidate sync engines and clients across the multiple desktop and mobile platforms it supports. But make no mistake: OneDrive will emerge from this year better than ever, and it will work more consistently everywhere. Here’s how we get from […]

    Windows 8.1 Backup Strategies

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    The latest Windows includes a number of technologies for replicating and backing up documents and other files on your PC, wiping out the PC to start over from scratch, and imaging the drive so that you can recover in the event of a hard drive failure. Which of these technologies you choose will depend on […]