Windows 10’s Latest Build Brings Win32 App Support to Windows Mixed Reality

Posted on February 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 15 Comments

Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 10 19H1 build to Insiders today. Build 18329 introduces a number of new features and fixes, though there aren’t any major changes apart from some improvements to Windows Mixed Reality.

With today’s build, Insiders are now able to run Win32 apps within the Windows Mixed Reality environment, which means you will be able to use classic Windows apps while you are using Windows via a Windows Mixed Reality headset. The classic Win32 apps are available from the Classic Apps (Beta) folder on Windows Mixed Reality’s Pins Panel, from where you can launch classic apps like Spotify, Google Chrome, etc.

Today’s build also introduces a nice improvement to the search experience. Users will now be able to see a list of their top apps when they open up search and quickly launch an app from there. This is more of a server-side change, so it may appear outside of this new build too.

Windows 10 build 18329 is available to Insiders in the Fast Ring now. Do note that it isn’t available for some languages — so make sure to check out the official announcement here. 

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Windows 10’s Latest Build Brings Win32 App Support to Windows Mixed Reality”

  1. bluvg

    Sorry, I can't see you, my PowerPoint is blocking your face...

  2. TheJoeFin

    This build still fails to install at 48%.

    • MacLiam

      In reply to TheJoeFin:
      Do you mean it fails at 48 percent of the Pre-restart "Installing..." level, or that after restart it gets to 48 percent before aborting and reopening on the currently installed version?
      If you run the Event Viewer and check the system logs for the time of the installation failure, you will probably see reported errors that can give you a hint about what is wrong. I am currently having installation problems on a Stream8 tablet that seem to involve DCOM/localhost permission denials. Whatever I did last year to fix this problem isn't working now, but hope springs eternal.
      Installation of 18329 worked fine for me on a Surface Pro 5/(2017). Installing on other test machines right now.

      • TheJoeFin

        In reply to MacLiam:

        It freezes during the actual install process. The entire screen is blue and it says "Working on Updates 48% - Do not turn off your PC. This will take a while"

        There are lots of complaints with 19H1 failing at 48% on the feedback hub

  3. Tony Barrett

    There are many, many pointless things in Win10 - features MS thought sounded good at the time, but were pulled or never fully realized. Many store apps are just a complete waste of space and time that barely anyone downloads, and even if they do, the reviews are often scathing. Win32 app support in WMR is probably right up there though, definitely in the top 3 most pointless, ridiculous, waste of time and effort 'features' I've ever heard of. WMR is dying on it's feet anyway, so whoever in MS thought this would be a good idea needs a stern talking to. Unbelievable! Way to go MS - at least we can all see where your priorities are.

    • cadrethree

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I don't understand the hate for this? WMR and VR headset's are at the same stage that brick phones where in 80's in regards to form factor. This technology is just combining the PC, TV, radio, ambient computing, and phone into one device you wear, everywhere. Taking all you phone apps and displaying it visually as an overly to the real world is kind of magical, IMHO. A overly of Google maps that displays your route like a backup camera on a car. Displaying coupons on you're Microsoft Lens while you are at the store. Displaying relevant information while talking to someone like email, birthday, FB postings. Cortana as your personal assistant, wirelessly connecting to your keyboard and mouse. Maybe even a monitor and phone if you wanted to. All the technology exists today to make it now in the form factor of safety glasses. Prices today would be a product killer, though. Current sensor and battery technology would hold it back a bit, too. People are age might not see it as anything good, but kids growing today wouldn't want to experience life without I think.

    • MutualCore

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Nice to hear that WMR is 'dying' from you. I'm sure that makes it authoritative.

  4. igor engelen

    I can see how this is an important feature but it's a shame that Microsoft has to build this. Main problem is that there remain too many win32 apps.

  5. dcdevito

    Can't wait to play solitaire and fill out spreadsheets at my desk at work in VR.

  6. Dan1986ist

    Windows Update trying to update to this build keeps looping before it finishes installing and prompts to restart. By installing, I'm talking about prior to restarting and going into the offline install phase.

  7. jimchamplin

    So they can’t even get the thing to properly install for a lot of users and they’re doing... this.

  8. madthinus

    This is a belated good move, opens the platform to games and other content. Lets face it, uwp is a non starter