New Windows 11 Update Brings Temperature on the Taskbar

Posted on April 26, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Windows, Windows 11 with 5 Comments

Microsoft is bringing temperature information to the Windows 11 taskbar. A new optional update (KB5012643) released yesterday makes the Widgets button icon on the taskbar display the temperature on top of the weather icon. 

The Windows 11 taskbar and the Widgets menu received a polarized reception since the release of the OS last year. However, bringing temperature information on the top of the weather icon should be a useful addition for people who liked seeing that in the Windows 10 taskbar.

Windows 11 Insiders on the Dev and Beta channel already had this new widget icon with temperature information. You can see a Windows 11/Windows 10 comparison below:


The Windows 11 optional patch released yesterday also brought a long list of quality improvements. Microsoft highlighted fixes for issues that might cause video subtitles to be partially cut off or misaligned, and the company also addressed a bug preventing users from using the minimize, maximize, and close buttons on a maximized app window.

Microsoft usually releases optional preview updates at the end of every month, but everything that’s in these patches gets included in the ‘Patch Tuesday’ updates released the following month. If you really can’t wait to see temperature information on the Windows 11 taskbar, you can download this optional update from Windows Update.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “New Windows 11 Update Brings Temperature on the Taskbar”

  1. hrlngrv

    Back filling functionality at a desultory pace. Deserving of single-handed applause.

  2. winner

    But try to move the taskbar.

    Oh, and then there's the telemetry. And the ads.

  3. jchampeau

    I was just thinking I really need the temperature to be displayed on my taskbar because having it on my watch, phone, and Echo Show aren't enough. Microsoft to the rescue!

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