Windows Susbsystem for Android Adds Gamepad Support for Insiders

Posted on August 2, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Windows, Windows 11 with 0 Comments

Microsoft has started rolling out an update for the Windows Subsystem for Android for all Windows Insiders in the US. This new update brings support for joysticks and gamepads in Android games, as well as networking and windowing improvements.

Compatibility with joysticks and gamepads needs to be enabled in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app. Keyboard players are also getting some love as the WSA now supports aiming and sliding in games with arrow keys.

In addition to these compatibility improvements for Android games, today’s updates should also improve scrolling and graphics performance in Android apps. Microsoft has also changed the default Android minimum window size to 220dp.

On the networking front, this update introduces a new dialog when an unsupported VPN is detected. The Windows Insider team also highlighted that some VPNs may not work well when Advanced Networking is enabled. In that case, the feature needs to be disabled to restore network connectivity in Android apps.

Again, today’s update for the Windows Subsystem for Android is rolling out to all Windows Insider channels. However, the WSA and the Amazon Android App Store remain exclusively available for Windows 11 users in the US.

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